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1400438_10152728735659624_7933518064807706803_oDCL (Dark Castle Lords) Publications, LLC was started by Pamela Seres & Stuart Bazga.

Their love of castles,mysteries,& romance brought them together to create DCL.

Readers can enjoy their own fantasies with a fascinating DCL novel by one of our many talented authors.

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Rescued by Miriam Newman Receives 5 Stars!

Miriam received a 5 Star Rating on Amazon! “I found this book delightful. So many books about dogs end with darkness. This book was a dream. It made me happy. It’s also a pleasure to find someone who can write, spell and use punctuation. Thank you Miriam Newman.” To Learn More About Rescued, click... read more

Thoughts of the Ashley Madison controversy with Lord David Deslandes

Ashley Madison “Life is short, have an affair”   There has been so much in media about the hacking of the client files of Ashley Madison, and there are many different subjects that have surfaced as topics as a result. One silly topic that I’ve heard was whether these clients deserve privacy or confidentiality? The obvious and simple answer is yes. The service they paid for was exactly for that purpose. Whether it is morally right or wrong, or if others wish to judge or personally choose to not use the service is their issue. In some way it seems strange to me to hear the shock that seems to surround it all. The fact is ‘affairs/cheating’ is nothing new. Ashley Madison just found a way to profit from it. Perhaps the fact that someone found a way to profit from this immoral activity is the problem….haha  just kidding, there are people profiting from various immoral things all the time and after all, morality is individual. Perhaps it’s the idea that there were some reports or estimates that there were 23 million people listed as clients. So what do we talk about here? Moral fiber? Profiting from it? That so many seem engaged in it? How about delving into why people cheat? Is humanity simply not meant to be monogamous? Is there a ‘fix’? I’m sure there are other questions that people can come up with too. So obviously, as I touched on, the morality of people differ from person to person, but what’s interesting to me is the concept that the morality an individual demonstrates that they hold,... read more


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