One afternoon, Jenna Taylor discovered that her new boyfriend had no intention of marrying her. She decided to pay a surprise visit to Rey, and tell him that she had decided to come back to him. She preened in front of her mirror, glancing at herself through a forest of fake eyelashes, certain that Rey wouldn’t be able to resist her. She knew he loved beauty, and she was very beautiful, she told herself. Superficially, this was true. But Jenna was too vain and self-absorbed to realize that beauty combined with sexual athletics would never be enough for a man like Rey.
Fortunately for her, the Books pages of her newspaper carried a mention of the new abode of famed author, Reynard W. Forsythe. A cottage, she snorted dismissively. She decided she’d soon persuade him to buy a condo in that luxury building right on the ocean, where several Greek tycoons lived, if gossip was to be believed. Yes, that would suit her far better than some stupid cottage.
* * * *
When Jenna arrived at the security gate, the officer on duty asked her whom she was visiting, so that he could announce her. She said quickly, “Oh, please, don’t announce me to my own husband, Rey Forsythe. I’ve been visiting my folks, and I want to surprise him. He thinks I’m going to be away another three days, but—” A certain amount of lash-batting and lip-licking made the young security officer think that he’d probably do Mr. Forsythe a favour if he let his wife in unannounced.
“Okay, lady, just this once,” he said, pressing the button to lift the barrier.
Jenna wondered which cottage Rey inhabited, and was greatly relieved when she spotted his car in a driveway. She rolled to a stop and quickly got out of her car.
When Rey answered her loud rat-tat-tat on the door, Jenna tried to throw her arms around his neck, intending to plaster her body against his, but Rey was too quick for her. He barred her from coming near him with his cane.
Sweeping her with a cold, contemptuous look, he said, “What can you possibly want here, Jenna? I rejoice to say I’m no longer engaged to you. You might as well turn around and get lost. I never want anything more to do with you.”
“Rey, honey-buns?” For a moment, Rey closed his eyes in disgust, but Jenna did not notice. “Sweet-cakes? All this nonsense was a huge mistake. I want you back, baby.”
“Has Marvin Bumfloss the Second finally told you that he has no intention of marrying you?”
“Bumford! Bumford!” Jenna almost yelled.
“Lower your voice, you vulgar creature, and get away from here.”
“Rey, honey, you know I’ve always loved only you. I was just silly – and made a little mistake.”
“And I’m not about to make the huge mistake of ever having anything to do with you again. Get away from my door. Is that finally clear, Jenna?”
With a sudden, fast movement, Jenna slithered past Rey, forcing him to step back or lose his balance.
“Rey, sexy-hips, you don’t mean that.” Jenna did not notice Rey’s glance of contemptuous disgust. She threw him what she considered to be a seductive glance, and walked into the living-room of the cottage, with the air of a resident lover. She gave a convulsive shudder, and said, “For Chrisake, Rey, you need me to drag you out of this boring hole. We need a more glamorous setting. Rey… It was so great between us always, and it can be again if only you won’t be so stubborn.”
“No, Jenna. It never was ‘great’ between us. Our relationship was purely sexual, and as such it was passable, not even ‘good’ and certainly not ‘great.’ You’re too selfish to be able to share ‘great’ sex with anyone. And most certainly you don’t even know the meaning of the word ‘lovemaking.’ Now get out of here or I’ll ask Security to remove you. I’ll have to have a word with them anyway for letting you in unannounced.”

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