ISBN#: 978-1-921347- 95-5
April 23, 2009
DCL Publications
192 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Benedict Alessandrini understands when it comes to Lily’s memory lapse. He is thankful she is alive and will stand by her side no matter what. Benedict admires Lily’s determination, and the way she always stands up to his mother.

Lily MacLean wakes in a hospital with no memory of what has happened. Most importantly she cannot recall even being married to Benedict. For some reason she draws strength from him.

Lily remembers living with her brother, George, but nothing about a wedding and being married to, Benedict Alessandrini. The sound of his name, though, makes her feel safe and protected. Since she has no recollection of their marriage, she wonders if he will wish to divorce her. She has been accosted by some man who will not leave her alone. Benedict loves Lily and believes her amnesia is temporary. Lily has no recollection of Lucia, her mother-in-law, who has rigid ideas and loves to shove her opinions onto other people. Even as Lily recuperates, Lucia is wild with accusations against Lily. Will Lucia break up Benedict’s and Lily’s love before Lily can even recall their happy memories?

Once again Kate Hofman pens a stirring story that grips the heart. There are some intense scenes, especially with Lily and Lucia that really bite and sting. I have to admit Lucia is certainly one mother-in-law I am glad I do not have to contend with. Benedict is very compassionate and caring, and his love for Lily is indeed genuine. I found Lily humble, demure and sweet, yet strong enough to stand up to Lucia. A Hidden Agenda has all the ingredients to make this extraordinary story one that kept this reader glued. Wonderfully mastered, along with bold and artistic characters, and a vindictive mother that this reader will not forget, this story is awesome.

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