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Annie Marshall


This Ozark Mountain native has been writing short story comedies since Jr. High.  Then after receiving her first kiss in Sr. High, her mind turned to romance and since, these short stories included a romance.


At the age of twenty, she read her first Romance Novel by Jude Deveraux, “A Knight In Shining Armor.”  She was hooked and to this day, it remains her one of her most favorite novels!


Most of Ms. Marshall’s books have a paranormal twist to them.  She loves writing (and reading) about ghosts, time-travel, and old spooky haunted castles.  She also has a deep love for Scotland, Ireland, and Wales and comes from a long family line of Celtic people.


An avid Pembroke Welsh Corgi lover, she is owned by two lively corgis named Aonghus and Hamish plus a sweet black cat named Miss Aella Boo.


Not only is Ms. Marshall an award-winning author of sexy Scots , she is also the Managing Cover Artist and Photographer for DCL Publications.


To learn more about Ms. Marshall plus her upcoming books and appearances, please go to!  You can also follow her at Facebook, Twitter, and her Yahoo Group!