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Lesson in Love by Anarie Brady

'Lesson in Love' by Anarie Brady

Author of exotic, mythological, and titillating fiction, Anarie Brady grew up in a small town on the Illinois side of St. Louis and currently resides in a slightly smaller town in the same general area. Her first book was published in 2008, but becoming an author was something that was foretold by her grandfather. He once said that he was sure she’d grow up to be a writer because she had an imagination that could create worlds out of grains of sand. It was with the support of her husband that she successfully fulfilled that prediction.

Her stories always have a happy ending because, despite multiple life-changing tragedies, she believes that we make our own happiness. Her heroes are powerful, loving men with a strong protective spirit, and her heroines are intelligent, determined women with a strong sense of self-worth. She keeps the bedroom door open, welcoming her readers in to share her characters’ most intimate moments. To get a delicious taste of her writing style and the universe in which she weaves, Mrs. Brady suggests reading her book ‘Lesson in Love,’ the first of the Mrs. Winter’s Brothel series. The main character is loosely based off of her own grandmother – a woman she hails as “the strongest submissive woman I’ve ever known.” She also adds, “As most authors, I love hearing from fans. Beginning in 2022, I hope to attend more conferences and meet people face to face or at least mask to mask.”

Although Mrs. Brady has built a great following with her writing, she is also so much more than her craft. To this, she shares, “I write erotica, but that’s not all I am. I have been a mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter… I have struggled through poverty and made it to float on lower middle class oceans. I have arranged for or attended the burial of my closed blood family (Not, thank the gods, my husband or sons), so I have known great loss. Nonetheless, I will not be brought low by these circumstances. I will stand, laugh, and play. To do otherwise would be to disrespect the memory of all who helped to form me.”

Another thing that Mrs. Brady is: a lover of the fur-babies, especially dogs. Her current dog is a rescue and one that she says is ‘very clingy.’ Because of the clinginess, her husband aptly named the pooch Saran Wrap.

When it comes to life goals, travel is right up there on that list. Places she would love to visit include Scotland, England, and Greece, but the place she is most fond of and would love to spend more time in is Ireland, where she visited a few years ago for a six week stay and never wanted to leave. She is also the captain of a team for Walk for Alzheimer’s. Her mother and grandmother both died as a result from the horrifying disease. She helps fight against Alzheimer’s whenever she can, and beginning in 2021, she plans to donate all profits from her books to help find a cure for the debilitating disease.

One great book that Mrs. Brady recommends is ‘Night’ by Romanian-born American author Elie Wiesel. “This book revolutionized how I thought about the world and that even helping in very small ways could add up to helping in very large ways,” she praises of the work.

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