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Teaching to Love by Anarie Brady

Anarie Brady

Author of ‘Lessons in Love,’ ‘Teaching to Love,’ and More

Anna Volk

Author of the ‘Living in Shadows’ series and More

Madame Howell's Book of Very Bad Things Vol. 1 by Jae El Foster

Jae El Foster

Author of the ‘Restless’ series, ‘Beauty Within,’ and More

Queens of Hearts - Anthology

Jennifer Patricia O'Keeffe

Author of such stories as ‘My Name is Not Cupid,’ ‘I See Christmas in Your Eyes,’ and More

Love for Christmas by Kate Hofman

Kate Hofman

Author of ‘Single Father Seeks,’ ‘Golden Adonis,’ and More

Gabrielle by Kristi Ahlers

Kristi Ahlers

Author of ‘Gabrielle,’ ‘His Lady Fair,’ and More

Tight Laced by Marla Monroe

Marla Monroe

Author of ‘Tight Laced’

Burning Heat by Mary Alice Pritchard

Mary Alice Pritchard

Author of ‘Burning Heat,’ Mirror Mirror,’ and More

Confessions of a Cleaning Woman & Stupid Cupid Bundle - Miriam Newman

Miriam Newman

Author of ‘The Comet’ series, ‘Stupid Cupid,’ and More

The Tudor Falcon by Pamela Seres

Pamela Seres

Author of ‘The Tudor Falcon’

America's Hero by Regan Taylor

Regan Taylor

Author of ‘America’s Hero’

Real Men have Fangs by Susan Blexrud

Susan Blexrud

Author of ‘The Fang’ series, “Miami Mayan,’ and More

Only in Her Dreams by Veronica Towers

Veronica Towers

Author of ‘Only in Her Dreams’