Friends,Many of you know that I donate public relations consulting services to Youth OUTright, a new organization here in Asheville that supports gay/lesbian youth. During first quarter 2009, I will be donating 20 percent of my book royalties to Youth OUTright, and TODAY, January 22, is the release date for my new book, Delora’s Necklace, a time travel about the Mayan civilization. You can purchase Delora’s Necklace for $3.50 through my publisher, so much!Susan
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Following, please find additional information about Youth OUTright.
Dear Friends of Youth OUTright:

We are very happy to report that our youth discussion group sessions and events will begin on Friday, January 30th between 6:30 and 9:00 p.m. at the Jefferson House which is located at 21 Edwin Place, Asheville. The house is adjacent to the Unitarian Universalist Church which sits on the corner of Edwin Place and Charlotte St. These youth get-togethers will be held every Friday at the same place and time unless otherwise notified. Each week a new topic or activity will be led by at least 2 trained facilitators. Please extend an invitation to any GLBTQ youth within the ages of 14 & 20 that you think may want to participate. Straight allies are also welcome. Everyone who enters will be treated with respect and compassion in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Also, if you haven’t yet and wish to inquire about volunteering in any capacity, you may email us at or contact Allison Becker at 901-652-0476.

Thank you again for your support!

With Best Regards,

Stephen DerMargosian
Co-chair, Youth OUTright