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Medieval Trilogy by C. H. Admirand


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The Lord Of Merewood Keep
A marriage arranged for freedom, Lady Jillian’s, and a dowry not of gold, but of honor, Garrick of Merewood’s. Garrick’s vows are tested and Jillian’s life has been threatened. Love & trust must overcome deceit and treachery if they are to survive. Garrick’s vows are tested when he learns his new bride has conspired with her guardian to lure him into marriage in order to gain control over her family’s former estate. The promise of that very same estate and its revenues convinced Garrick to wed Lady Jillian in the first place…..

The Saxon Bride
Will Lady Eyreka become a tenant on her own land, or boldly step forward and offer herself as bride? Merewood Keep is just beginning to earn revenues and with her son as its overlord. When King William decides to gift the newly rebuilt keep to one of his favored knights, she is devastated until she hears the rumors that the Norman is widowed. Augustin de Chauret has no desire to marry, nor live in England. But his liege lord has gifted him with a keep and now a wife. But will the Saxon beauty be willing to raise his motherless daughter and teach her how to run a keep?

A Scot’s Honor
Scot’s mercenary, Winslow MacInness, rescues a Norman beauty, but how can he help her find her way home if she cannot speak? While waiting for her to recover, MacInness discovers a woman he can love, one who can replace the woman he can never have, his overlord’s wife. But marriage to Genvieve isn’t part of his plan until he discovers her life is still in danger and the only way to protect her is to marry her. But will he survive the attempts on his life? Is Genvieve de Chauret behind those attempts?