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Call for Submissions: The Greatest Gift of All Anthology!

Celebrate the holiday season with The Greatest Gift of All – a special DCL anthology that will set out to draw in readers from across with board with tales of romance, sensuality and plenty of winter fun!

Stories should be themed with the celebration of winter or a winter holiday (Christmas, Kwanzaa, Saturnalia, Hanukkah, etc), and should be filled with all of the joy and splendor that a solid tale of romance should bring.
Remember to be Creative, be Bold, and be Original. DCL Publications is looking for well-written, properly themed stories with developed characters and clear grammatical consistency. Submitted stories are not required to stay within a certain word count, but please keep submissions between Flash, Short, or Novella length. Persons wishing to submit novel-length works should do so separately..
Submissions are not required to remain in a certain heat level. We are looking for everything from sweet to spicy to a fiery inferno! As long as it is well-written and properly developed, you control your heat level.
Submissions are due no later than Friday, September 7, by the close of the standard business day.

Send your submissions to us via our Submissions page.