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Carey Hope

Loving life as much as I do has made me want to try everything.  I suppose you can say I’m a jack of many trades, yet master of none!  (YET!)  I started out as a hairstylist in Long Island, New York, focusing on making brides beautiful on their special day.  However, doing just one thing was never enough for me!  I was in a band for several years and we played all over Long Island and NYC.  We are not together anymore but I still sing and write songs on my guitar…so much fun!

I work out at the gym as often as I can because I’m so addicted to those endorphins, lol!  That’s how I got into fitness modeling.  I entered myself in Bikini Universe in Miami 2006 and although I didn’t place, it jump started a modeling career.  I started doing commercials (such as Sprint, Mass State lottery,  AOL, Dentyne Fire and New York Sports Club) and acting as well.

I wasn’t always so lucky to have all the opportunities that I have now.  Actually my childhood years were quite difficult.  I struggled with a serious episode of depression  as a result of a dysfunctional home life.  I’m very open about talking about it because we all have a story and that’s what makes us who we are.

I just wrote my very first screenplay called “Alive Inside” based on the story of my past and how all that didn’t kill me made me stronger
.  My next mission is to turn it into a feature film!  Any one out there know a production team?  Just kidding!

So as for the rest of my life, who knows,  but two things are for sure..I want to do my part in making the world a better place and of course, model on some romantic book covers, haha!

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