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New Release: Teaching To Love by Anarie Brady

Teaching To Love by Anarie Brady
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Carrie’s goal is to memorialize her grandmother and her home with a new business venture…a tea house and museum. When some old family friends drop in, she learns more about her great grandmother’s um…adventures…such as when a local Sheriff threatened to shut down the brothel. What was her grandmother to do? Take control, of course!

Excerpt: Since arriving in town a month ago, Betsy had learned much about her new home. On the surface, Mt. Carmel appeared to be a sleepy river town filled with church going folk, kindly neighbors, and law abiding citizens. Beneath that quaint veneer, however, lay a secret society filled with speakeasies, jazz music, and fast dancing. Between the Great War and the influenza epidemic during the previous decade, the still recovering town desperately wanted an infusion of life and carefree fun. Betsy also noticed quite a few middle aged single men along with injured veterans in need of female companionship. Sadly, most of the young ladies were too spoiled to settle for “damaged goods.”
Sighing, she thought of Sheriff Brighton. Uncle Liberty had told her all about the man’s sad history. Apparently, he married his brother’s widow, his brother having been killed in the first year of the War. The couple had produced one child, a son, a year after they had wed. Despite this, it was said that Mrs. Brighton had deeply loved her first husband and had never stopped mourning for him. Between the pain of his loss and the difficult birth of her only child, Mrs. Brighton had lost her mind, confined herself to her room and refused the good Sheriff entry. She also disdained the company of her child, leaving the sheriff alone to raise the boy with only the help of a housekeeper.

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New Release: Learning To Love : Book 2 Mrs. Winter’s Brothel Series


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Blurb: Carrie Benson is recovering from her great grandmother’s death with the help of Stephen Benson and her friends. Stephen was her great grandmother’s nurse at the nursing home. Carrie is drawn to his good nature, compassion, not to mention drop dead good looks. The kind of relationship Stephen wants is one she never experienced. Can she overcome her reservations and possibly find love?

New Release: Confessions of the Cleaning Lady & Stupid Cupid Bundle by Miriam Newman



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Book Blurb:

Confessions of the Cleaning Lady-

Stowed away in the trunk of a pharmaceutical representative from Killarney, a band of feisty Irish faeries is released in the outlying suburbs of Philadelphia, where Malachi McCurdy sets up bachelor housekeeping. In need of a housekeeper, he is introduced to Shawna Egan, unaware that “his” faeries have taken up residence in her oak tree. Shawna, who was raised with tales of the Fair Folk but never realized she can see them, learns it the hard way when she cuts down the tree in which they made a home. She gives them another and faeries always repay their debts. But Shawna has secrets, and although she knows Mal is what she is seeking, will he want her after he has heard the confessions of the cleaning lady? If so, he will need help from the Fae, for the dragons he must slay for his lady live in her mind.

 Stupid Cupid

When the son of Zeus and Aphrodite bumbles into a meadow south of Killarney, he is met by a band of indignant faeries outraged by his target practice. Soon, however, all the supernatural creatures are overshadowed by an estranged couple intent on fisticuffs! Can Cupid effect a reconciliation between the humans? Or is just a wee bit of intervention by the Fae in order?