DCL Blog tour with the most talented Paul Sampson


How long have you been directing? 

I directed traffic once, when I was a kid. There was a ‘pile up’ ….not saying it was intentional on my end. But man, it was fun. After that, Night of the Templar was my ‘film’ Directorial Debut. And no, there were no car crashes in that one.


Have you ever played a role in a movie you directed? 

Only Night of the Templar, I played two (2) roles, an intense medieval knight, Lord Gregoire, and a laid back modern day ‘dude’, Jake McCallister.


What are some bad habits that you’ve seen actors develop that you’ve had a hard time dealing with? 

Anticipation. When an actor rehearses a scene or after a couple of takes they start to ‘anticipate’ the next line of the moment in front of them, it is no longer organic. It’s like they act, or rather ‘react’ to the moment before it happens. And of course it’s always horrid when an Actor is unprepared or doesn’t get his/her mind fully into the character.


Have you ever encountered someone who had absolutely no talent? And did you have to break it to them? 

Yes, and No. Of course I encountered people who had no talent. I’ve been doing this forever. But no, it’s not my position to judge or hurt someone. Plenty of times I’ve worked through ‘stuff’ with people and try to help as much as I could. I guess in the sense of ‘constructive’ criticism, yes, I want to help those I want to do better. But just telling someone they suck is just mean and has no benefit. I like to see people try and improve….on all levels.



What is your philosophy on the profession of acting? 

Become the ball hahahhhhaahhaahaha….



What, in your opinion, is the difference between a star and an actor? Can they be interchangeable? 

I don’t know, you can make a ‘star’ out of an actor. That’s just marketing, coaching, exposure, the right project, et cetera…And I guess you can make an ‘actor’ out of a star, if they’re not one already, as long as their ego permits learning and growing.


Where can fans see your movie, Night of the Templar?

If they want to see Night of the Templar it’s available to stream on iTunes

https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/night-of-the-templar/id583827775 or they can buy the dvd on line through Walmart http://www.walmart.com/ip/23454604

DCL Blog tour with Legendary Dark Lord CJ Hollenbach



You are a legend in the romance industry as a cover model and probably have been asked every interview question but, here it goes…

1) How do you communicate with people? Are you patient? Are you friendly? How open are you to clients’ requirements? 

I am pretty good with dealing with people. I managed a grocery store for 15 years so I’ve dealt with the public for quite a while. That also helped me develop a thick skin. You really can’t let what people say bother you. A lot of the cover models can take a good picture but can’t deal with people. That’s why you’ll see some guys at a convention once and never again. They can’t handle it. I remember years ago when I was working a trade show with Heather Graham and a woman commented to her that she’s never heard of the author. Heather just smiled and said to her “Well….a lot of people have!” I had to go off on this ignorant woman in Heather’s defense. Heather said “Don’t worry about it….No big deal…” I’ve never forgotten that. People can be so rude. I’ve had “fans” ask me if I’m wearing a wig or say “I thought you’d be taller…” I just smile and kill them with kindness…


2) What is your nutrition? How often do you go to the gym? Do you practice constantly? 

I go to the gym 6 days a week. I try to break up my workouts into different body parts on different days. My diet is generally pretty healthy. I think everyone knows what to eat and what not to. They just don’t want to deprive themselves. I know if I eat more of something I shouldn’t that just means more cardio. There is literally NO FREE LUNCH. I follow a more strict diet if I have a shoot coming up. I have never been one of those guys who carries food around with them so they can eat 6 to 8 times a day. I just find that odd.

3) What is your availability? Traveling? Full-time, part time? hours?

It all depends on the situation. I can be pretty flexible if the price is right!


4) Where can we learn what you have in this industry? 

For starters you can buy my new book, “Confessions Of A Romance Cover Model.” It just came out in paperback. It took me 20 years in the business to write it. Any more questions? Buy me a drink and we’ll talk!




5) Where can your fans best reach you and keep up to date on your projects?

They can go to my website: www.cjcovermodel.com or follow me on Facebook: CJ Hollenbach. I’m not on Twitter…yet!

Meet Dark Lord John Antorino

Getting to know The Dark Castle Lords
1. Who is your favorite DCL author? Veronica Towers. But I love all of them! Smile……….
2. What DCL cover that you have done do you like best? Dreams Of A Raven Moon
3. What so far has been the biggest accomplishment in your career? Hmmmm, tough one. Because I have done so much. Been in the modeling and acting biz for ten plus years. Probably my first acting role in a feature film. Movied called- “Ice Grill, USA” coming out soon!
4. What do you hope to accomplish yet your career? A larger role in a big movie and a full-time part on a big TV show.
5. What is the greatest thing about having fans? They keep me motivated and keep me working hard to give them what they want. Without them I am nothing! I mean really when the fans go and don’t want to see me and my work anymore, so goes my career.