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“As I Follow”
Princess Orla must first learn to follow if she is to lead her homeland once her evil step mother is dethroned. Who better to teach her than Prince Darcy, the leader of the rebellion against Queen Ena and a strict but fair Dominant who would love nothing better than to take the beautiful Orla in hand and return the kingdom of Athas to its former glory.


The Man With the Kind Eyes:
Bridgette Mahoney just wanted a better life for herself and the people suffering under a corrupt president. What she gets is nominated to be Queen of the country whether she wants the position or not.

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Angela’s ex-husband has “seen the errors of his ways” and wants her back. She wants nothing to do with the philandering, verbally abusive man. While her sister and brother-in-law are visiting, he tries to ramp up his pursuit of her but is thwarted by the “male” answering her phone. Seeking a way to protect her when they leave, her brother-in-law suggests that his best friend Luke temporarily move into her guest-room.

Will having a man around at all hours help discourage the persistent ex? Will Luke be able to convince Angela that age is just a number?

DCL Blog tour with best selling author Susan Blexrud


How do you conceive your plot ideas?  Most of my ideas come from places I’ve visited.  Something about exciting locales like Washington, D.C., or Gettysburg, PA, will incite me to conjure characters and situations around them.


Have you written a book you love that you have not been able to get published?  I wrote a novel for middle-grade boys several years ago that I sent out to several agents and after getting feedback, decided to shelve.  I may go back and self-publish it.


How long did it take you to publish your first book, after you started trying?  I spent about two years learning the ropes of the romance genre in the late 1990s, but I didn’t get farther than writing 50 pages of three different books before I was offered a fabulous full-time job.  I abandoned my fiction writing for eight years while I was working full time as communications director for the city of Orlando, and then when I retired, I started writing, again.  This time, it just took one year to finish a polished manuscript and find a publisher.


Where can readers best contact you?  My website is, or I welcome contacts via Facebook and Pinterest.