DCL Blog Tour with best selling author Anna Volk



-Who is your target readers ?

My target readers are adults that like a happily ever after. I don’t like a lot of conflict between my h/h there’s too much of that in the real world. I like them to stand side by side and beat the odds.


-What are the major themes of your work?

I don’t have a theme. My characters speak to me and I wrote it down so I write in many genres.


-Any recent works that you admire? 

I’m a big fan of Sherrilynn Kenyon and Christine Feehan. But also love Julie Garwood.


-What do you think ppl search for in a book?

An Escape from the real world if only for a couple hours.


-Where can readers best keep up to date with your work?

My Facebook is the best place to keep up to date with what I’m doing. Of course Nook and Kindle have all my work at your finger tips.


DCL Blog tour with Legendary Dark Lord CJ Hollenbach



You are a legend in the romance industry as a cover model and probably have been asked every interview question but, here it goes…

1) How do you communicate with people? Are you patient? Are you friendly? How open are you to clients’ requirements? 

I am pretty good with dealing with people. I managed a grocery store for 15 years so I’ve dealt with the public for quite a while. That also helped me develop a thick skin. You really can’t let what people say bother you. A lot of the cover models can take a good picture but can’t deal with people. That’s why you’ll see some guys at a convention once and never again. They can’t handle it. I remember years ago when I was working a trade show with Heather Graham and a woman commented to her that she’s never heard of the author. Heather just smiled and said to her “Well….a lot of people have!” I had to go off on this ignorant woman in Heather’s defense. Heather said “Don’t worry about it….No big deal…” I’ve never forgotten that. People can be so rude. I’ve had “fans” ask me if I’m wearing a wig or say “I thought you’d be taller…” I just smile and kill them with kindness…


2) What is your nutrition? How often do you go to the gym? Do you practice constantly? 

I go to the gym 6 days a week. I try to break up my workouts into different body parts on different days. My diet is generally pretty healthy. I think everyone knows what to eat and what not to. They just don’t want to deprive themselves. I know if I eat more of something I shouldn’t that just means more cardio. There is literally NO FREE LUNCH. I follow a more strict diet if I have a shoot coming up. I have never been one of those guys who carries food around with them so they can eat 6 to 8 times a day. I just find that odd.

3) What is your availability? Traveling? Full-time, part time? hours?

It all depends on the situation. I can be pretty flexible if the price is right!


4) Where can we learn what you have in this industry? 

For starters you can buy my new book, “Confessions Of A Romance Cover Model.” It just came out in paperback. It took me 20 years in the business to write it. Any more questions? Buy me a drink and we’ll talk!




5) Where can your fans best reach you and keep up to date on your projects?

They can go to my website: www.cjcovermodel.com or follow me on Facebook: CJ Hollenbach. I’m not on Twitter…yet!

New Release: Confessions of the Cleaning Lady & Stupid Cupid Bundle by Miriam Newman



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Book Blurb:

Confessions of the Cleaning Lady-

Stowed away in the trunk of a pharmaceutical representative from Killarney, a band of feisty Irish faeries is released in the outlying suburbs of Philadelphia, where Malachi McCurdy sets up bachelor housekeeping. In need of a housekeeper, he is introduced to Shawna Egan, unaware that “his” faeries have taken up residence in her oak tree. Shawna, who was raised with tales of the Fair Folk but never realized she can see them, learns it the hard way when she cuts down the tree in which they made a home. She gives them another and faeries always repay their debts. But Shawna has secrets, and although she knows Mal is what she is seeking, will he want her after he has heard the confessions of the cleaning lady? If so, he will need help from the Fae, for the dragons he must slay for his lady live in her mind.

 Stupid Cupid

When the son of Zeus and Aphrodite bumbles into a meadow south of Killarney, he is met by a band of indignant faeries outraged by his target practice. Soon, however, all the supernatural creatures are overshadowed by an estranged couple intent on fisticuffs! Can Cupid effect a reconciliation between the humans? Or is just a wee bit of intervention by the Fae in order?

The Comet gets 5 stars on Barnes and Noble!














This wonderful book hasn’t been reviewed? Unbelievable.

I can’t believe I can only award this story five stars. Miriam Newman is one of the very few (as in two) authors who can make me cry. This book is one of the best I’ve ever read. Ms. Newman’s author voice reminds me of epic poetry. She has woven a tale as richly detailed as the Bayeaux Tapestry behind the embracing couple on her cover. It’s a tapestry of glorious color and texture in a tale of love set after the Battle of Senlac Hill (or Hastings, as it’s more commonly known.)


Rowena, a young Saxon maiden, nurses a Norman knight back to health. She is shocked to receive his offer of marriage which she dares not refuse. But how can a Saxon love a Norman? Trust me–she can. The rest of this beautiful story is one you should read. Get it. You won’t be sorry you did.There’s nothing more to be said. It is my highest praise.

New Release: Gabrielle by Krisit Ahlers




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From the windswept plains of India to the tropical beaches of The Seychelles, to the glittering ballrooms of London Society…

Gabrielle Jordan has survived a bloody uprising in India and not without a great deal of loss. The death of her family in the British Garrison in Cawnpore leaves her shaking and wondering where her place in life really is. In the space of a heartbeat all her hopes and dreams are radically changed. Will she be able to find her footing and allow herself to find a happy ending amongst the ashes of what was once her life?

Devlin Reese, Duke of Kendrick arrives in Cawnpore, India unsure what he would find but praying the family he loves as his own will be fine. When he finds Gabrielle, his best friends sister amongst the surreal ruins of a once proud garrison he realizes his world will never be the same again. The young girl he thought he knew so well has forever changed and he will do what he must to make sure she realizes that dreams can come true and the he will not give up on her or on them.