Chloe and the Beast by Kristi Ahlers

Chloe and the Beast by Kristi Ahlers

Chloe and the Beast by Kristi Ahlers

Chloe and the Beast by Kristi Ahlers

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Blurb: Lucian Devon, Duke of Spencer, once a celebrated rogue and legendary lover, finds himself hiding at his country estate shamed and angry. His life of resplendence and social prominence is gone. He is now pitied and that is something he can’t stand. Lucian is now blind, and without his sight, he feels he’s no better than a beast in the wild. So with this thought in mind, he does his level best to keep the well intended friends and those looking for the latest juicy bit of gossip at arm’s length. Thinking he’s been successful, he settles down to feel sorry for himself and live as he pleases. And then his past catches up with him in the most unexpected of ways.

Lady Chloé Rosdale has heard the whispered comments of the mighty Duke of Spencer and how the once handsome rogue now acts more like a beast than man. Once they were childhood friends until they both went their separate ways, but Lucian took Chloé’s heart with him. She goes to Lucian with the hopes of helping him. She’s shocked but not terribly surprised by how he behaves. Figuring it’s up to her to bring him back to the life of the living and showing him he’s more than his eyes, these two spend a great deal of time together. Could it be that love is indeed blind and that from tragedy comes the gift of everlasting love?