Hiding in Shadows Savannah 6x9

















Book Blurb:

Savannah was violated in the worst way possible by someone she trusted. She now stays hidden safe within the body of her wolf. Can the love of a good man give her the strength to break out from her self-imposed exile from the human world?

Jimmy has always had a soft spot for Savannah. Will their new found love be strong enough to last when he discovers that the love of his life can shape shift into the one animal that he has always hated?


Run. Faster. Sable leaped through the air. Her fur covered legs moving as fast as the wolf body would carry her. She yipped in fright, his breath warm against the back of her neck. Muscles ached from overuse but she knew what would happen if he caught her. Pain. She’d felt it before—his big body enclosing hers, taking, claiming—never again would she be caught unaware. He was getting closer, closer. He brushed against her leg, then up along the side of her body and finally his hand rested against her shoulder. She would not go docilely. She would fight for her freedom or die trying. Death was preferable to what she had learned loving was.


“Ouch, turn loose you she-bitch!” Jimmy held his hand still as the wolf dog clamped her teeth around his wrist. The hybrid was yipping with her legs twitching as if chasing a rabbit. At first he’d thought it funny, but the wolf seemed to become upset as if in pain and so he grabbed her shoulder to wake her only to get an arm full of teeth for his trouble.


The wolf growled low in her throat but released his wrist.


Jimmy rubbed his arm; no skin was broken but red marks remained to remind him that he was dealing with a wild animal. “I don’t know how I get myself talked into these messes. I could be out playing pool or better yet sitting in my own house with my feet up relaxing. Instead, I’m babysitting your fuzzy ass.”


Sable stared intently at Jimmy. She had been dreaming about Marcus and had never meant to hurt Jimmy; she was beginning to like him. Gently, she licked the wound she had inflicted.


“Don’t try to butter up to me now; just because your owner spoils you rotten, you’re not getting the same treatment from me. For half a cent I’d lock you in the kennels and go home but I know Jilly and Dylan will be calling from their honeymoon to check up on your pampered ass.” He laid his head on the brown sofa and let the wolf console him. Truth be told, she held a special place in his heart. Her blue eyes always looked so sad, almost haunted, and made him feel the need to protect and comfort. And for a man that absolutely hated wolves, this was no small admission.


Jimmy absent mindedly stroked the she-wolf’s head. “She’ll be home soon girl.” His words were whispered softly as his eyes drifted closed. He listened to the deep breaths of the she-wolf; it was calming. He wasn’t sleeping well on Jilly’s too small couch but couldn’t bring himself to crawl into Jilly’s bed knowing what she and Dylan had certainly done in said bed. It just didn’t sit right with him. He had tried to sleep in Savannah’s bed but the she-wolf had been stretched out on it and any attempt to get close had her baring her teeth and snarling and so he was relegated to the couch. Soon his breaths seemed to match hers as too-many-nights-spent-sleeping-in–an-unfamiliar-bed exhaustion finally claimed him.


Savannah slipped quietly from the couch. One foot at a time, her sleek wolf’s body stretched to full length with her hind end higher as her back arched. Bones cracked from being in this shape for such a long period of time. What she wouldn’t give to shed this body and take human form. But no, it was safer to be Sable; the wolf was brave and could shut out the ugliness of the world. Her padded feet made no sound as she headed for the doggy door. The night was calling to her.