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Fall in Love Anthology is now on Nook!

Fall in Love by Kristi Ahlers, Lynn Hubbard, Rachel E. Moniz, Mary Alice Pritchard

Thanksgiving in Hatteras  Kristie Ahlers
Emily Dare reluctantly returns to the outer banks and her past at the request of her Grammy. Is this the beginning of heartbreak or happy forever?

A Time for Thanks  Lynn Hubbard
Sabrina Stafford reflects on all that she is thankful for: her family, friends, and Love.

A Newport Thanksgiving Rachel Moniz
Socialite Laura Moresby is a passionate suffragette and when her interest in women’s rights causes a minor scandal, she finds A Newport Thanksgiving the perfect solution to her problems.

His Blessing, Her Curse Mary Alice Pritchard
One had everything but didn’t see it as anything but an annoyance. One had nothing and believed she was cursed.Together they show each other what they already have and what they can offer each other, love and acceptance.

Moment of Bliss Alena Stuart
When their mutual attraction is revealed, Aidan Spencer and Kendra Lawson have little patience for a drawn-out seduction. But will their red-hot affair lead to more than just a moment of bliss?

The Hunter  Anna Volk
Cassandra and Michael are in love and cannot wait to announce their engagement. But before the cougars can share the news, Michael’s brother Justin claims Cassandra as his mate and threatens Michael’s life.

A Thanksgiving Picnic  Kate Hofman
A civil engineer, an advertising executive and a Mafioso are on their way back to Florida. Flying over the Everglades, their plane suddenly runs out of fuel. Will any of them survive to celebrate another Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Anthology  excerpts

Thanksgiving in Hatteras Kristie Ahlers

The sun glinted off her dark hair and he clenched his hands into fists. He wanted to touch those silky strands, feel them wrap around his hand as he kissed her deeply. Yes, they would kiss and soon.

Emily shaded her eyes with her hand as she walked slowly along the sandy strand, occasionally moving out of the way of the surf, which at this time of year was freezing. Her elegant movement brought to mind a ballerina.

A smile curved his mouth when she finally saw him there on the dune.

“One, two, three,” he counted out loud as he waited for her reaction. She didn’t disappoint, she spun on her heel and headed back in the direction she’d come. “So that is the way of it huh, baby? I don’t think so.” He sprinted down the dune, gravity pulling him down the sandy slope quickly. Once he hit the flat of the beach, he was able to get better traction and he tore in Emily’s direction.

He rushed past her and came to a dead stop directly in front of her. She tried to veer away and he stopped her by gently grasping her upper arms.


Emily looked away toward the ocean. He watched as she took a deep breath and held it. Her body shook within his hold. He didn’t think it was from the cold. Although the day was sunny, it was still rather brisk.

“It’s been a long time, baby.” He resisted the urge to hug her close. Stephen knew in order to make this work he was going to have to gentle her into it. He couldn’t rush her or push. He wasn’t known for his patience, so this was going to be a hard task.

A Time for Thanks ? Lynn Hubbard
A brisk wind blew as Sabrina sat on the front porch. She brushed an errant leaf from her long, dark hair and watched it crumble in her hand. Fall was here. To her, fall was a time for family, to gather together and celebrate the harvest, before the coldness of winter crept in.

The ranch was a blaze in color, surrounded by trees of bright orange, yellow, and red. The colors mimicked the rays of the setting sun. Night would soon be upon them.

Her heart fluttered thinking she would soon be in her husband’s arms. Even after seven years of marriage, her need for Brock had not been diminished. Nor had his for her.

A Newport Thanksgiving ? Rachel Moniz
She turned to him. “I loved having you as a tour guide.”