Julian’s Jungle

Kate Hofman

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DCL Publications

978-1-9921347- 90-0

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Julian’s Jungle
Ashley Fanshawe is a P.A. for the firm Gianaris Global. Thanks to her boss and his wife, she is on her way to the Frangipani Island, to a privately owned five-star hotel. Julian di Castelfranco, architect and owner of the new complex, designed the hotel and grounds. After taking a leisurely stroll amid the grounds, she never expected to run into a naked man in the water. She never saw any trespassing signs anywhere. The two may have gotten off on the wrong start but no sooner than she leaves, Julian is eager to learn more about her. He is intrigued by Ashley. None of the other women, he dated ever blushed the way she does when he speaks. He learns how the death of her dad has left her with bittersweet memories, and how her dream is to be a painter. Due to her mother’s financial problems, Ashley put that on the backburner for a while. She hopes to do some painting while on vacation. A major art gallery in Ocean Breeze, Florida, is eager to show her art work, and Julian intends to make sure it happens. Ashley forms a strong connection with Julian but when someone from his past tries to cause trouble, will Ashley believe Julian’s confession or will her world tumble down?

Julian’s Jungle is an awesome read. I absolutely loved the characters of Ashley and Julian. I could feel the depth of Ashley’s emotions when she speaks of her deceased father. When Julian carries her for a spell, when they are out walking, Ashley’s reaction leaps off the pages. I found Ashley and Julian quite impressive. Their chemistry really showers through the storyline. Kate Hofman creates enduring players that stick in the mind long after the story is finished. With the spinning twist of the hurricane, it was a great addition that enhanced the characters’ emotions further. This delightful story kept me captivated until the end.

Reviewed by: Linda L.

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