Forever by Jae El Foster

Forever by Jae El Foster

Forever by Jae El Foster

Forever by Jae El Foster (Shaded Whisperings Series Book 1)

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Blurb: While browsing a secondhand shop, Miranda finds an amazingly lifelike doll for a steal. Even though she’s not really a collector of dolls, it seems to resemble someone she knows. Walking home and enjoying her new purchase, she encounters her upstairs neighbor Mark – a handsome man that she has admired from afar but has never caught the interest of. Miranda suddenly finds his interest in the palm of her hand when he invites her to a Halloween ball as his date. Having never celebrated the holiday, she’s eager for the event, and more so to see where things go with Mark. Could this be the start of something wonderful, or does Mark have other ulterior motives? A startling tale of romance and evil, ‘Forever’ is woven from the inspirational threads of yesteryear’s psychological horror.