Gabrielle by Kristi Ahlers

Gabrielle by Kristi Ahlers

Gabrielle by Kristi Ahlers

Gabrielle by Kristi Ahlers

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Blurb: From the windswept plains of India to the tropical beaches of the Seychelles, to the glittering ballrooms of London Society, follow along with Gabrielle and Devlin in this historical romance of power, love, and overcoming heartache and tragedy.

Gabrielle Jordan has survived a bloody uprising in India, but not without suffering a great deal of loss. The death of her family in Cawnpore leaves her shaken, wondering where to go next in life.

Devlin Reese, Duke of Kendrick, arrives in Cawnpore, unsure of what he will find. He prays that those closest to him have survived, but what he discovers instead is his best friend’s sister Gabrielle.

Through tragedy, these two lives are forever changed. Will Gabrielle and Devlin find new footing as they aid each other in this dramatic uphill climb to a new hope and way of life? Can the handsome Duke show beautiful Gabrielle that dreams can come true?