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Gabriel’s Quest for Love by Kate Hofman












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Book Blurb:

Gabriel, an artist, has just returned from a long painting trip in the company of Jade, a charming, sexy young woman. When she phones him to say she is pregnant, Gabriel offers to marry her, legitimize his child. She refuses, saying she’ll go live with her sister, a born do-gooder, as she puts it.

Depressed, Gabriel returns to Ocean Breeze, FL, where he lives and paints.

Tasha returns to the law office where she works, after dealing with the aftermath of her sister’s sudden death. She realizes she will have to give up her work and accept cleaning jobs with Manuel’s Maidens, in order to be able to keep her dead sister’s baby with her.

In due course, she is sent to clean for Gabriel, and he is enchanted with the baby. When he asks her, hesitantly, whether the father of the baby couldn’t help her out a little, Tasha says that her sister Jade never told her who the father of her baby was. And Gabriel realizes he has found his child.

Their path to love is not without complications, notably Gabriel’s mother is viciously unkind to Tasha. And there is Gabriel’s spectacular temper…