4 Stars

Golden Heir

Cristiano von Hohenburg-d’Este comes from a family that owns vineyards but he doesn’t wish to pursue that line of work. Since his stay in Florida, his desire has been to work as an art dealer. His mother has other plans for Cristiano and intends to see them followed through. He is in line to be a ruler of a small principality that lies between Italy and Austria. Cristiano grows tired of his mother’s constant badgering, and is glad to be in Florida. It does not matter that he is next in line to rule as Prince of Concordia; what matters now is he is happy. Never the one to really consider settling down with one woman, at the moment, he is surprised to find there is a connection when he is introduced to Sophia Garnett. Her name is as lovely as the lady herself. Not long after they begin chatting, he wishes to spend more time with her. Sophia owns three boutiques in Florida and her father is well off. She finds herself slowly growing closer to Cristiano every time they are together. When Cristiano finally gives into his mother to fly to Italy, he takes Sophia with him. His mother is none too happy about the current events and doesn’t stop from speaking her mind. Only time will tell if Sophia will be able to withstand the firing bullets from his mother, or if she will just give up and go back to Florida alone. Cristiano must follow the direction of his heart if he truly wants to keep Sophia and be an art dealer.


Golden Heir is a pleasurable read. I liked the way all the characters intermingled to make this story carry the reader into the various different aspects of the main player’s lifestyle. The mother was completely off her path and did not mind voicing her opinions on numerous things. It didn’t seem to bother her that she was almost ruling her son. I thought Sophia was a good rounded person and dealt in many matters wisely. She and Cristiano did make a nice couple and were able to make their own choices. The story moved at a good flow and one could visualize the atmosphere well. Kate Hofman digs deep into the characters, and in so doing, pulls out an in-depth tale that draws the audience in with each turn of the page. She has a way of storytelling that brings life to each member as they interact with the reader. As she brings conflict, uncertainty, and loyalty into this story, it makes the story tight and has the reader pondering to the outcome, in this absorbing read.


Reviewed by: Linda L. of  Fallen Angel Reviews