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Greek Hottie by Kate Hofman














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Book Blurb:

Nick Thalassinos, a widower with a two year old daughter, meets Iris Leighton, famous Broadway actress. His interest in her turns to dismay when Iris tries to focus all his attention on herself, ridiculing his devotion to his daughter.

Nadine Konings, a portrait artist, lives in the same building as Nick, and she befriends the lonely little girl, letting her play with child-safe paints in her studio.

Nick begins to realize that he is—or was—merely infatuated with Iris—it’s Nadine he loves. Ah, but will Nadine accept this change in his feelings? More to the point, will Iris accept his decision that it’s over between them, or will she put up a fight?

Nick’s uncle, Nikos, comes to stay. Will he be able to help Nick get Iris out of his hair?