Genre: Historical Fantasy
2nd book – The Chronicles Of Alcinia
Author: Miriam Newman
Publisher: DCL Publications
Release Date: 12-2008
Review Company: Conger Books Reviews
Review Date: 11-9-2008
Review Rate: 5
Reviewer: JoEllen Conger
Format: EBook

[The Chronicles Of Alcinia]

Miriam Newman’s epic tale of Queen Tarabenthia of Alcinia, from THE KING’S DAUGHTER, takes up again with HEART OF THE EARTH. If you like historical accounts, these two books are a definite must read. Exceptionally well crafted with a complex story plot and seamlessly put together, The Chronicles of Alcinia are the best books I’ve read in this genre.

During an invasion which tears Alcinia asunder, the King of Alcinia promises his daughter Princess Tia to the old king of the Havacians. Then her father is murdered and at her mother’s death, Tia is left Queen to a war torn Alcinia. The old Northern leader, King Maruk of Havacia, sends his son Prince Hilgi to fetch her, who arrives by ship in time to save Tarabenthia from enemies. The young barbarian carries her and her children off to his own Northern lands where he claims her to wife. She is often mistreated as Hilgi, well into his cups, forces her to strengthen his Noble bloodline by fulfilling her duty to his throne.
Always used as a political pawn, Tia is driven through life rarely finding contentment or lasting happiness. During her time in slavery after the invasion of her country, her first husband General Sergius Magistri, not realizing Tia was a captured queen, had fathered her first three children. Although King Hilgi of the Northland makes her Queen of Havacia, he dies suddenly, leaving her to rule a savage land where she can barely understand her people. Yet her children are the loves of her life, even as she fights a war, struggling against unknown customs to keep her offspring by her side. She educates them in the ways of the Noble Born as she watches them grow up in a harsh foreign land. But secretly she plans to escape the North Country, although her last two sons by King Hilgi are not hers to keep.
Many different men bid to be the queen’s Protector, desiring her interest and commitment. Being a woman who needs a man, she gives herself to some, while still withholding her favors from others. She can’t help but wonder if she will ever be free to do as she pleases? Will she ever be allowed to return to her own country without fear of death? And will the money that Lejo, Sergius’s nephew, sends her be enough to see her through her dowager years as Queen Mother?
As an other world historical, this book is outstanding, and definitely a keeper. #