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Her Highland Destiny by Annie Marshall


















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Book Blurb:

Iain MacAlister, laird of Dunstaffnage Castle, is away at Urquhart Castle helping his cousin defend his keep. To no avail, Edward Longshanks overtakes Urquhart, and the Scots are forced to bow to his whim. Called before “the Hammer of the Scots,” Iain is humiliated and told he has one week to find a bride or the English king will seize his lands and title. Kenna MacKellar is a retired Sergeant Major of the United States Army with several overseas tours under her belt. Now she is ready to relax and do some traveling for pleasure. So with camera in hand, she takes a tour of the castles and ruins of Scotland. On a beautiful sunny day she finds herself at Urquhart Castle with a feeling of dread that she can’t explain. Once inside the ruins, she raises her camera and with one click and a flash of lightning, she is whisked away to the 13th century and falls literally into the arms of Iain MacAlister. Is it possible that Iain, a Highland warrior who devoted his life to defending Scotland, finally find his desperately needed bride? Or will the future reclaim Kenna before he has the chance to find out?