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Her Noble Destiny by Annie Marshall

















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Book Blurb:

Stricken with grief after finding out his brother had died in battle; Aiden MacAlister devotedly takes care of both lands by traveling back and forth to his brother’s holdings and his own. Then one day on the road to Dunstaffnage Castle, he comes across a very naked woman crawling on her hands and knees towards the loch. Terrified for her safety, he calls out to her as he scrambles from his horse and snatches her into his arms just before she falls into the icy water. Jaedin Greer, a captain and nurse in the United States Army was on a mission when her convoy was attacked and her Hum-V was hit by mortar fire and tossed it like a toy leaving it upside down. A bit shaken but alright, Jaedin cut herself loose then grabbed her pack of supplies to help her wounded medic. Once she dragged the soldier away from the wreckage, there was another loud explosion and bright flash of light, knocking her unconscious. The next thing she knew, it was raining and she couldn’t see. While crawling around to find her bearings, a set of large, strong arms encircled her, picking her up as if she weighed nothing while he asked if she was daft. Could this woman be the antidote Aiden needs to help him find peace with his brother’s death? Can this Highland warrior see beyond his own burdens to be Jaedin’s much needed eyes? Will Jaedin, an ambitious modern day warrior allow this arrogant man close to her heart and find Her Noble Destiny?