His Lady Fair by Kristi Ahlers

His Lady Fair by Kristi Ahlers

His Lady Fair by Kristi Ahlers

His Lady Fair by Kristi Ahlers

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Blurb: Katie Morgan longs for adventure. She is issued an invitation by her aunt and uncle to spend some time with them in Port Royal. She jumps at the chance to see part of the world and to escape her mother and step-father. There is something evil about the man but she can’t prove it. Katie departs England and is looking forward to experience a new place and culture but before she can arrive in Jamaica her ship is boarded by pirates she’s knocked out by a blow to her head when she falls and she and her ladies maid are taken prisoner. When Katie awakens she realizes she’s on a different ship and that the quarters she’s currently located in are very masculine. Never one to sit around and play helpless, Katie arms herself and waits for the cur who would steal her from the safety of her ship. When her captor finally arrives two things happen. She realizes just how handsome her pirate is and how much trouble she really is in. Captain Ravencroft knows who she is and thinks she can help him find the proof he needs to prove Simon, her step-father, guilty of murder. A murder he’s been accused of performing. However, the lines blur between captive and captor and they both find themselves fighting the attraction that burns between them. Katie realizes Drake is the man she loves but how will he ever be able to overlook the fact she is tied to his enemy?