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Isle of Intrigue by Lisana Gabriella

Young Alaina is on assignment to find a mysteriously disappeared singer along the bleak shores of the remote and distant Lake Superior.

But the man she finds is not the singer. He is instead a tall, older, and darkly handsome stranger who lives alone on a sparse and isolated island.

Alaina knows there is much more to him than he wants her to believe. Her need to investigate quickly causes her to intrude into his cabin, his bed, and his life.   

He is not at all thrilled to have her there because of a terrible secret. Perhaps of a weapon of mass destruction, and one which could harm the entire planet. Yet Alaina soon moves into his heart, and he can no longer hide.

But suddenly all hopes are dashed for their love and lust when others find out about him, and they must flee from the forces of an evil governmental agency. Can they join together to remain free? Is their need and desire truly strong enough to overcome it all?

Prepare to be swept away to another adventure. To one of passion and danger, of espionage and intense daring. To an isle of intrigue.