Jason Santiago

Jason is 23 years old and grew up playing sports.  He is a very active person, hating to have to sit around all day doing nothing. 

Jason has returned to school and is working towards his Business Management Degree. 

I love the fashion and modelling world and enjoy browsing around the shops searching out the latest fashions and seeing how they are presented to the public.   I do think fashion modelling is very competitive.  Different lines of fashion just might not fit your look which could lead to one being out of a job.  I realize you have to be very flexible and willing to change you image with different styles of fashion.
  I am definitely into sports.  I follow as much as I can between work and school.  I have played soccer for 20 years of my life and still play
.  Soccer is my passion and I plan to play until I am physically unable to. 
Jason’s vital statistics are: Height:      5’11”  Weight:     195 lbs.  

Chest:        42”  

Arms:        16 1/4”

Waist:        32”  

Contact Info:   JJSantiago15@yahoo.com
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