Joe Gruber

This world is about suffering. I have seen animals and humans suffer, hell if you are perceptive enough you can see plants suffer also. Suffering is what turned Siddhartha into Buddha. I prefer to suffer physically, exhaust myself with weights and physical labour and deprive myself of over eating and junk food. I have a high tolerance for physical pain and don’t complain about the heat. But about me I like good food, real good food. Food that is real ( contains no man made crap ). Who are these idiot scientist that think they can improve on nature, you fed cows to cows, sprayed chemicals on our food and cross breed our fruits and vegetables; you suck worse than my spelling and punctuation. I also like water, cool clear water, hold the lead, ice, chlorine, dirty lemon, pesticides and whatever else. We don’t need modern equipment and chemicals to grow crops, the native Americans (north and south America) were doing a fine job, by planting crops that compliment each other together. The Amish and Mennonite don’t use big ol diesel powered tractors. Grow your own food if you can, if not buy local organic food. If you buy crap they will sell crap, and then what will I eat? Come on people don’t screw me on this !

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