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John Antorino

John Antorino

Very accomplished and much photographed, John Antorino, was born and raised primarily in the Atlantic City, NJ area.  While John was still young, his father abandoned his family and John was raised by his very loving and hard-working mother, who oft times would work two and three jobs to support her children.  John was forced to grow up real fast and to become the man of the house, which taught him responsibility and survivor skills.  Being the only man in a house with his mother and twin sister, he learned early on what women want and gladly defended his mother and sister when times called for it.  Because of this, John is very sensitive to women and their needs and treats them with the greatest of respect.  John is very much the romantic and enjoys spoiling his women.   

John earned a wrestling scholarship and was very active in sports.  In his junior year of college, John began modeling and retired from wrestling.  He transferred to Montclair University to be closer to the modeling world and later quit school to model full-time.  Last year, remembering the promise he made to his mother, John earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Stockton College of New Jersey.    

John has traveled extensively around the world with his modeling and three years ago he crossed over into acting.  John splits his time on both coasts in pursuit of his dream of becoming an actor.   

John has graced the following magazines:  Men’s Fitness, Men’s Exercise, Exercise for Men, Muscle & Fitness, MuscleMag, Men’s Workout, Exercise & Health, American Health & Fitness, Planet Muscle, Steele Jungle, Fire Iron magazine, Playgirl, and Physique magazine