John Drehobl

I am honored to be part of the DCL Family, and to work in concert with Pam Seres.
I am an “eclectic” person, and have worn many “Hats” throughout my life.  The parts of my life most relevant to this role include:
– Majored in Journalism and Public Relations at Humboldt Polytechnic University.
– Professor’s Assistant, teaching English and Writing Courses at a Community College.
– Served and wrote for PBS, Habitat For Humanity, Red Cross, and other non-profit organizations.
– Technical Writer and Grant Writer for several agencies, private colleges, and government affiliated firms.
– Worked for a Literary Agency, beginning as a proof reader, then an editor, and ending as a ghost writer, assigned to high-profile and established writers when they struggled.
– Was a highly rated writer and webmaster for a large, New York City based Internet Company.
– Did pro bono work, helping many new and “Second Novel” authors get through their blocks and meet their deadlines.
I eventually turned to confidential ghost writing in many genres for both, best-selling authors, and celebrities with little or no writing skills.
I provide a wide range of input and service as the General Editor.  I can provide practical advice to help you overcome roadblocks, remind and motivate you to keep crafting a romance story that engages both the head and the heart, help you reset scenes and adjust character dialog that might otherwise pull your readers “out of the moment” in your story, and help you keep your beginning, middle and end tied together.  How much or how little of this advice will be dictated by the desires of the writers I work with.  Primarily though, I will proof and fully edit manuscripts for spelling, punctuation, continuity and clarity.  I keep unusual and chaotic work hours.  This said, I will always be willing to set phone appointments when requested, and will respond to email messages from accepted/established DCL Authors within 24 hours on weekdays.  All first submissions must be approved by Pam Seres before I will consider or accept them.