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John Walker

Since I was just 12 years old, I have known that a writer is all I have ever wanted to be.  I was born in 1968 and raised in the north-east of England. These days I’m a globe-trotting ex-pat Brit. I love books, movies, music, German Shepherd dogs and wolves. I enjoy meeting other authors, discussing the writing process and some have described me as “an inspirational muse” because I love to help other writers get their own projects off the ground.

I enjoy cooking, black coffee, red wine and I have a devilish, sometimes zany, sense of humor. I can’t resist a practical joke so be warned: if you are ever walking through a door and a bucket of water tips over you … it was most likely me that put it there.  My novels are mainly revenge-thrillers, some with a supernatural twist.  

Wrath and Remembrance, Comparing Scars, Hitting Back andGod’s Soldiers run sequentially to form a quartet. Blood and Wateris a separate story, but linked to Comparing Scars through one of the characters. The stories deal with the themes of murder, revenge, sin, temptation, love, absolution and salvation.

I want people to be entertained by my stories … but, at the same time, I want my stories to make the reader think about what is around them and ask themselves questions like …

Am I in control of my own life?
Would I know if someone else was trying to manipulate me?
If I lost my soul, would I know it?

Just because you can’t see or hear some things … it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist! Hank Shank VIII retells the story of King Henry Tudor in our time, caught in changing times and an ever-raging power-struggle, battling with his personal demons and finding himself constantly at war with enemies both outside and within his organization.

A contemporary Henry for our era. Would his legacy be so different?  I have several books planned and noted for the future.  No rest for the wicked.