Julian Fantechi

Julian Fantechi was born in California on February 16, 1976. His father was Italian, his mom American. His mother met his father when she was studying art at the University in Firenze and he was studying law. They fell in love, got married and moved to New York. A couple of years later Julian was born. 

Julian lived in Italy for a couple of years on the Italian Riviera in Tuscany where his father was originally from. He then moved back to the US, living in San Diego, Florida, Texas, Arizona and New York. The moving was a great experience and is why Julian loves travelling so much

Julian went to the New York University where he graduated with his Master’s degree in Paediatric Physical Therapy in May of 2000. While in school he was approached to do some modelling while at a night club. The next week he was shooting for Men’s Health magazine and has shot for them 5 times since. Julian also modelled for Saks 5th Ave, Intimo underwear, Credit Suisse Bank and various other modelling jobs. In 2005 he was approached to do a PlayGirl spread, and he appeared in the November, 2005 issue. The photos consisted of an artistic black and white spread. Playgirl had a huge response to the photos so Julian was then asked to do the centrefold. He was flown to Miami and had photos taken for the August 2006 issue. Again the response to Julian’s photos was amazing and he did a couples spread in LA for the October 2006 issue of PlayGirl.

Recently Julian has been gearing up his acting skills. He had a part as a featured extra on ABC’s Ugly Betty. He appeared in the first episode and had a great time doing it. He has also appeared on the Bravo network’s “things I hate about you” and various television promos for consumer electronics.

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