Kate Hofman

Born in The Netherlands, her family relocated to London, England, when she was

eighteen. She obtained a BFA as an Art History Major with a Minor in Interior


Later she moved to Montreal, Canada—thought she might as well be paid for being fluent in French.

Kate married Arnold Hofman, whom she describes as a truly fabulous man. Arnold encouraged her to own and operate a fine art gallery, and this she did for twelve years.

Widowed by Arnold’s untimely death, there was a huge void in her life.  When a friend urged her to write, she began to write romance.


Kate says: I wrote two dozen books in four-and-a-half years, without

any thought to ever being published.  A friend urged me to “submit

something” and I sent five books to Romance At Heart Publications,

thinking to give them a choice.   They took all five, and later told me

gently that it was customary to send only one book at a time.

How could I have known that?


In January 2007 she submitted her first book to DCL Publications, and

mentioned to Stuart Bazga that she had written some twenty-five books.  For over two years, he published one book a month.  Kate never looked back, and kept right on writing.  DCL has published 35 books for her, so far, and several novellas and short stories.