Friends,Today’s the day. My novella, Love Fang, is available through DCL Publishing. You may purchase it online and read it at your leisure. It’s funny, sexy, and loaded with scenes from Orlando/Winter Park. (I modeled my vampire’s house after the Comstock residence on Bonita Drive.)The model is Julian Fantechi, a Playgirl “Model of the Year.” Cute, huh?I’ve received a very favorable review from Coffee Time Romance. The reviewer said, “I love the light, easy-going feeling of this story, as well as the intense emotions between the characters.” And, Love Fang was a finalist in the “Girl Power, Ghouls, and Gorgeous Guys” original fiction contest sponsored by Candace Havens, contest judge and author of the “charmed” books that became the popular TV series, said of Love Fang, “That was a hoot of a story.”Just download Love Fang @, and escape with a very noble vampire. Two more novellas will follow in my “fang” series, Fang Shui and Real Men Have Fangs. Many thanks,Susan