Mark Johnson

As Mr. Romance 1996, Mark Johnson is a well known face ever since in the romance industry. 

Mark is the second oldest of 4, grow up in New York and left New York by the age of 28 to be come a stuntman in Florida.  

After moving to Texas, Mark opened his own carpenter business, which he runs successful with the help of his best friend Ron Lord. 

Mark is still involved in the romance industry, but having recorded a CD with his own songs in Nashville, he hopes now to break into the music industry too. Hopefully you will be able to buy his CD soon. 

In January 2007, Mark flew over to England to help Pamela Seres to full fill her dream of filming a movie trailer for her movie script. Mark helped Pam in directing the trailer and also play one of the main characters in the trailer. 

Mark loves all sorts of sport, but his favourite is ice hockey. And unusual for a man, he loves shopping and enjoys fashion.

Mark has a strong believe in god and faith