Getting to know The Dark Castle Lords
1. Who is your favorite DCL author? Veronica Towers. But I love all of them! Smile……….
2. What DCL cover that you have done do you like best? Dreams Of A Raven Moon
3. What so far has been the biggest accomplishment in your career? Hmmmm, tough one. Because I have done so much. Been in the modeling and acting biz for ten plus years. Probably my first acting role in a feature film. Movied called- “Ice Grill, USA” coming out soon!
4. What do you hope to accomplish yet your career? A larger role in a big movie and a full-time part on a big TV show.
5. What is the greatest thing about having fans? They keep me motivated and keep me working hard to give them what they want. Without them I am nothing! I mean really when the fans go and don’t want to see me and my work anymore, so goes my career.