“It’s the second woman this month. You know it has to be a weir-wolf.” Lorna couldn’t help but overhear the women on the next aisle in the grocery store.
“There are so many of them living around us now. Who knows which one it is?” The other woman agreed.
There would be an all out war if they didn’t stop whoever was killing the women soon. Another body, and they were all in danger. Lorna agreed though, it had to be weir by the way the news reported the condition of the body. Their throats were ripped out. Definitely a wolf kill.

Once she put away her groceries, her mind drifted to the handsome stranger and his presumptuous offer. Yes, she would admit to feeling attracted to him, even drawn to him, but that was no reason to jump into bed with someone you barely knew.
What was it about him that took her breath away? It had to be his scent or maybe just his aura. He reeked of alpha, and that would draw any female wolf towards him. Females always gravitated towards alpha males. It was more than that though. Something inside her wanted him…something besides her wolf.
* * * *
She was magnificent in every way. Soft flowing hair the color of autumn leaves caressed a striking face with gentle eyes the color of blue skies. She smelled like dew kissed wildflowers and dancing with her felt like heaven. He had to have her. She calmed his wolf and the restlessness inside him.
He needed her touch to cool the fire flowing through his veins. Just thinking about her aroused him until his erection pushed at the tight material of his jeans. Randy wanted to bury himself in her and hear her call his name. He would have her.
Right now he needed to concentrate on his new job and getting into the pack. He wouldn’t feel comfortable until he was a member. Wolves needed the closeness and contact of other wolves. They were a family and it was something he wouldn’t live without. Like her.
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