“Now he’s hot.” Dana pointed to a well-built blond guy at the bar.
“I don’t know. He doesn’t look like someone I’d like.” Cassandra contradicted her friend’s choice. “He looks stuck on himself.”
“Come on Cassy, you’ve got to pick someone before you go in heat. Last time, you waited too late and ended up with the first wolf you saw.” Dana cringed. “He was most definitely not your style. Then he followed you for weeks until you finally busted his ass.”
“I really didn’t mean to hurt him. I just lost it when he showed up at dinner that night.”
“So… my point is, you need to find someone now while you’ve got time to be choosy.”
“It’s not that easy for me. You know that,” she said. “He has to be strong and – I don’t know… Alpha. I don’t like wimpy guys.”
“So… sniff around and find an alpha. There are bound to be several here tonight. It’s not far off the full moon.” Dana bounced to the beat of the song blasting from the overhead speakers.
Screamers always had hot music and the best men, so why she couldn’t concentrate on finding one, Cassy didn’t have a clue. She liked her sex hot and wild. Most of the men in the room would jump at the chance, but not too many were really up to the challenge. It would definitely take an alpha to catch her eye.
“Let’s dance.” Cassy grabbed Dana’s wrist, pulling her out on the dance floor. Maybe she could find someone among the grinding and gyrating bodies in the wild throng.
“The music is mag tonight,” Dana screamed in her ear. “They must have a new DJ since the last time I was here.”
“It’s loud, it’s rock, and it’s got a beat. I’m happy,” Cassy yelled over the music.
Someone laid a hand on her shoulder and pulled her around. Cassy started to protest but a solid chest caught her attention instead. It connected to skin tight jeans, well worn in all the right places. His hand wrapped around her waist, and when she looked up, his face knocked the wind right out of her. To say he was handsome didn’t cut it. His face appeared chiseled out of granite and the hint of stubbornness bled through in the set of his jaw. His slightly crooked nose didn’t detract from how handsome his face looked. Cassy knew by his rich gold coloring he would be a brown wolf. And God. His eyes. Dark chocolate orbs with a luminous glow peered down into hers.
Yummy nearly escaped her mouth before she thought about it. The wolf looked good enough to eat. She could enjoy filling up on him.
“Who are you with?” His voice vibrated along her spine before it curled around her middle.
“A friend. Who are you with?”
“You.” His other hand cupped the back of her neck running his thumb up and down her throat.
“Um, I don’t think I know you, so you’re not with me.” Aggravation bubbled up in her stomach – the arrogant son of a bitch.
“I claim you.” He pulled her tighter against his body. The hard length of his erection pressed just below her waist.
“Just a damn minute!” She sputtered. “I don’t belong to anyone so don’t play that shit with me.”
Cassy pulled away from him and grabbed Dana’s arm, pulling her towards the tables.
“Hey. I was dancing with Todd. Why’d you do that?”
“I need a drink.” She resisted turning around to see what the strange wolf would do.
“I thought you were dancing with that hot dude. He looked alpha enough to me,” Dana pouted.
“He’s an arrogant SOB. He claimed me like I’m a piece of luggage or something. No one talks to me like that.”
“Whoa… am I confused here? Didn’t you just say a minute ago you wanted someone alpha enough to handle you? I’d say he is.” Dana sipped her drink, frowning at her.
“There’s a difference between being alpha and being an asshole. He’s an asshole.” She swallowed down the rest of her drink.
Dana smiled at her and waggled her eyebrows. “Don’t look now but the sexy asshole is zeroing in on you.”
Again, a hand appeared on her shoulder only this time he didn’t spin her around. He leaned into her from behind, and his hot breath warmed her cheek. She knew a moment of absolute lust before she snapped out of it.
“I want you.” His voice a mere whisper in her ear.
“I want a lot of things I don’t get.” Cassy’s head swam with his closeness and the feel of him hard against her back.
“I always get what I want.” He circled around to the table, one hand trailing down her bare arm. It sent shivers through her body.
“There’s always a first time for everything.” Her words came out breathy. Damn her body for reacting to him.
He drew her hand to his lips and all reason left her. For a single heartbeat she wanted to say yes.
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