After taking Ashley with him to the stars a second time, Julian said quietly, “There’s something I should’ve asked you before making love to you. Are you protected against pregnancy, Ashley?”
She nodded. “Chiara took me to her doctor and explained that I was going on this great vacation, and she felt sure I would meet some wonderful man, who… So I was put on the pill. And then Chiara was proved right, when I met you…” She gave him a starry-eyed smile.
He sighed—with relief, Ashley supposed. “Forgive me for making love to you twice without asking whether you were protected, but you’re so appealing, you made me forget all about protection. Anyway, I hate condoms. Like eating candy with the paper on.” After a little while, he suggested, quietly, “Perhaps we should continue this in bed? Let me make you comfortable against your pillows. Then I’ll have to go next door for a moment, make sure Rim has enough water for the night, give him a few treats, explain that I’m going to sleep next door…”
He isn’t going to leave me… “Explain to Rim…?”
“Sure. He understands.”
“Julian… Could I go with you?”
Surprised by her request, he hesitated only a brief moment. “Sure, Ashley. Tell you what. Let’s have a swim in the little stream? Cool us down a bit from…”
“I’d love that. Let me just get my bikini.”
Julian shook his head. “No. Skinny-dipping or nothing.”
He nodded. “Mmhmm. Feels great, swimming without a ton of water-logged cotton to weigh you down. Come.” Ashley nodded, slipping a hand into his. With only the moonlight to guide them, Julian’s sure steps quickly brought them to the deeper part of the stream, where… Was that only yesterday, when Julian was so mad at me for disturbing his privacy…? Ashley smiled. Look at us now… We’re lovers, and Julian wants to stay the night. I feel dizzy with the bliss of it.
Julian lifted Ashley in his arms and slid off the bank into the cool water.
“Good?” he asked, and she nodded, leaning toward him to press a kiss to his taut jaw.
Smiling, he tucked her long, slender legs around his waist, letting her lean back in the cradle of his arms. It amused him that she had not yet twigged they were in an ideal position to make love. Slowly, he moved his body forward a bit. Now, Ashley felt the tip of his huge erection slowly stirring the labia until he reached the place where he wanted to be—the entrance to her body. “Ashley, I can’t get enough of you,” he moaned, and thrust, fast and deep. At that moment, he lost his footing, and quickly moved them closer to the edge of the stream, letting Ashley rest against the lush vegetation covering it. He was relieved to note that he was still rockhard inside her.
Ashley sighed. “I was afraid I was going to lose you…” Julian merely shook his head, and began to kiss her, while finding a seductive rhythm for them that quickly brought her close to orgasm. When he sensed this, he thrust harder, faster; almost instantly, he was rewarded by Ashley moaning his name, as she clung to him, clenching and relaxing her sleek, intimate muscles around his hard, heavy length. He felt the familiar prickling low in his back and surrendered to what the woman in his arms made him feel, spilling the hot torrent of his seed deep into her, in seemingly incessant surges, until he had given her all he had to give, and he felt again the bliss of rapture. He was getting used to that, with her.
Ashley, pale in the moonlight, gazed at him in awe. When their breathing and heartbeats had slowed a little, she whispered, “I was amazed when you could make love again so quickly, that first time… But now… Julian, you are a magician. Being with you is complete ecstasy.”
“I’m glad I was able to please my lady.” His words were teasing, but there was no mistaking their sincerity. “Shall we go back?”
“What about Rim?”
“I’ll come back and look after him. Now, I want to get you home and warmed up in a shower a.s.a.p.”
When they got back, Julian quickly bundled Ashley into the shower stall, making sure the water would warm her up. He kissed her nose, quickly pulled his evening trousers on, stuffing his underwear, socks and tie in his pockets. Carrying his shirt and jacket, he disappeared. The moment he was gone, Ashley flew out of the shower, to the vanity. At the very least, she wanted to brush her teeth, comb her hair, wash her face, and see how she looked. She wanted to look her best for her night with Julian, this exceptional man who—incredibly—was her lover. Her quick glance in the mirror showed her the same face she had always seen there, except that her hair was wet, and she looked perhaps a little more disheveled than usual, her lips slightly swollen from Julian’s kisses, her eyes more radiant from his attentions… She quickly performed her minimal ablutions, and heard Julian return. “Where are you, cara?”
“I’m in here…”
“Good. Stay there. We’ll shower together.” Together? He opened the door.
As if she had spoken her thought aloud, he confirmed, “Together. I need someone to wash my back for me.”
“Oh. Right. Sure, I’ll be glad to do that for you.”
“And when you’re through with my back, you can wash my front.” His eyes were a black velvet caress, which she caught in the mirror, as Julian appeared behind her, naked again, slipping his arms around her waist, hugging her tightly to him. He whispered, “I love being with you…”
“Me too…” Ashley admitted shyly.
“Good. That’s as it should be.” He smiled at Ashley’s little gasp, when she felt his burgeoning erection against the small of her back.
“All in good time, carissima. Let me carry you to the shower stall.”


Julian awoke before dawn, instantly conscious of Ashley’s soft, seemingly boneless body entwined with his. He quickly became aware that one of her hands was holding his penis. His very aroused, very hard penis. He smiled. In her sleep, she was freer with his body than when awake. Better let her sleep. Last night, he had applied some Vaseline where she might become sore, if she wasn’t already. They had made love a lot—twice on the fur rug, then in the stream, later in the shower, and again, after some pillow-talk, when they were in bed. He frowned at himself. Well, it had been a long time since his last fling, and Ashley appealed so strongly to his libido. Definitely his libido, he reminded himself firmly. After what Krista had done to him, he was no longer capable of serious feelings for a woman. On the other hand, Ashley had never done him any harm—why punish her for Krista’s cruel betrayal? He frowned again. Don’t think about Krista any more. Be glad it’s over, and let it stay in the past. But I can’t consider anything serious, even with someone as charming and guileless as Ashley. Flings — one sure way of not getting hurt again. He glanced at Ashley, who was beginning to stir in his arms. “Go back to sleep,” he whispered. “It isn’t even dawn yet.”
“I don’t want to waste this night asleep, Julian,” Ashley’s sleepy voice whispered back. She kissed his chest and went on, sounding less sleepy, “I want to be awake in your arms, loving every moment of being with you.” Hmm… She sounds awake. Maybe…? Ashley’s hand on his penis began to move lower, caressing his sac, leaving him in no doubt about her plans for him.
Ah, well… So be it. “Come here, and let me make love to you,” he breathed. And that seemed to set the pattern for their time together.

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