51v5ca9p44lLove Me Forever by Kate Hofman

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Blurb: Lydia Hawthorne is a serious novelist, much to the disappointment of her mother. While laying the groundwork for her new book, her cousin Edward introduces her to Armando Monteverdi, a very handsome police lieutenant. As they are getting to know one another, he begins investigating the murder of her godmother.

As their table was being tidied so that the dessert could be served, a tall, very handsome man entered the dining room and walked in their direction, glancing at the diners. Noticing him, Edward quickly stood to his feet and waved him over.
“Come and have dessert and coffee with us, Armando,” he invited quietly. Rick hastened to bring a chair, which he placed in the space beside Lydia. Edward nodded, pleased.
Edward then turned and said to the women, “This is my friend, Armando Monteverdi.” He gestured to Lydia, then to Mary. “My cousin Lydia Hawthorne and her friend Mary Westwood.” As the women held out their hands to shake Armando’s, Edward explained to them, “When we needed to add a member to the remaining founding members to help maintain our usual number, we unanimously elected Armando.”
Armando lifted one shoulder in a casual shrug. With a charming smile he said, “They only invited me because I’m a Police Lieutenant, and this way they can be sure of very prompt attention to any misbehaving member or guest!”