Luisandro, a famed writer of serious fiction, meets Donna on the plane carrying them both from Seattle to Florida. Donna tells him she was in Seattle to bury her husband, victim of a freak accident. When he sympathizes, she says she was divorcing him for betraying her with a Seattle woman.

He suggests that she needs to work, not merely to keep the wolf from the door, but because she needs to distract her mind. She accepts the position of manager of his household, and his office files.

Luisandro, having divorced his flagrantly unfaithful wife, is intrigued by Donna, so diametrically opposed in character. Donna for her part begins to feel attracted to the to-die-for Luisandro. Various women try to capture Luisandro’s interest, doing their best to denigrate Donna. A theft of a priceless painting is another disaster thrown into their path.

Can they overcome all these problems and find each other, after all?

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