Leandros’s dinner with Crystal was interesting and enjoyable. At the start, Crystal conscientiously tried to discuss various design aspects for his suite, but when Leandros invariably responded that he would be glad to leave this, that and the other to Crystal’s own good taste, she relaxed, and began to enjoy herself. Perhaps the Cristal champagne, constantly being topped up in her flute, had something to do with this, but for the first time in ages, Crystal was out with a man who could only be described as a hottie, and she didn’t feel intimidated, nor did she worry about what ulterior motive Leandros could have in inviting her to dinner.
Crystal decided to stop comparing this dinner with the embarrassing dinner she had had in this same restaurant, years ago, with another Greek… She decided never to think back to that. This dinner was immeasurably pleasanter… Crystal turned to Leandros with a flirtatious glance from under her long eyelashes.
“I don’t know about you, but I’m having a wonderful time,” she said softly.
“Are you, honey? Having a wonderful time? Me too. I was wondering, if you’ve finished playing with your dessert, would you like to come up to my suite for coffee and a liqueur – or more Cristal, if you prefer – because, nice as this restaurant is, I’d like us to relax a little more. Hmm?”
She gave Leandros her full attention, looking straight into his dark, dark eyes.
“I think that would be very nice, Leandro. Yes, I’d like to have coffee in your suite, thank you.”
On Leandros’s ‘writing’ sign, the waiter hastily trotted up with the bill, which Leandros signed, finding his money clip, leaving a generous tip. He rose and went to Crystal’s chair, moving it back for her. She stood, and he led her from the table, strong fingers firmly at her waist. In the elevator, they stood next to each other, but Leandros made no move to stand closer or put his arm around her.
Crystal thought she must’ve misread Leandro’s intentions. He hadn’t even put his arm around her, although they were alone in the elevator. Perhaps he wasn’t interested in her after all?
Leandros easily read her thoughts from her expressive face. Not necessarily, Crystal, my dear.
When they arrived in Leandros’s suite, he gestured to the sitting area, with two big sofas facing each other across a coffee table. At one end there were two small armchairs, at the other end a big wing chair. “Sit down, Crystal, honey,” he invited, going to the telephone to give his order to Room Service.
For a moment, Crystal hesitated. If I sit on a sofa, will he think I’m inviting him to sit next to me? On the other hand, if I sit in one of the chairs… Moreover, he is so very attractive, why shouldn’t I let him kiss me, if he has a mind to? I can always say No to anything else…
Again, Leandros read her thoughts easily off her face, suppressing a little smile when she, almost defiantly, sat down on one of the sofas.
For a fleeting moment, he was tempted to puzzle her by sitting on the other sofa. Dismissing the thought, he sat down beside Crystal. He made a point of not sitting too close, amused when her expressive face showed surprise.
After about ten minutes of chatting easily, there was a knock at the door, and a waiter brought their coffee and a fresh bottle of Cristal champagne in a cooler, with crystal flutes. Leandros dealt with the waiter, and returned to Crystal.
“Tell me if I’m mistaken, but I didn’t think you’d care for liqueurs or brandy,” Leandros remarked, pouring coffee for them both, handing Crystal her cup.
“You’re right, I never drink hard liquor,” Crystal agreed. “In fact, I’m not even sure I should have any more champagne.”
“We’ll see how we feel when we’re through with the coffee, shall we?” said Leandros easily. He gestured to the cream and sugar, but Crystal shook her head. Leandros thought a moment, getting to his feet and going to what Crystal assumed was his bedroom. Is he getting out of his formal clothes and into…? she wondered. She heard a drawer open and close, then Leandros was back.
“I just remembered I had these,” he said, holding a huge open box of Godiva chocolates out to her.
“Oh, Leandro… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a box of Godiva chocolates this big, in fact I know for sure I haven’t,” she exclaimed. When he lifted an eyebrow encouragingly, she delicately took a chocolate and bit into it. “Oh, it’s a truffle,” she moaned, an expression of utter delight on her beautiful face.
“They’re all truffles of one sort or another, I believe,” Leandros said casually, and pushed the box towards Crystal, sitting down again, a little closer than before. “Go ahead, eat as many as you like.”
“Oh, Leandro, I couldn’t. Just one is utter bliss…”
“You say that as if these chocolates were better than sex…”
“Oh, they are. They are.” Crystal was rapturous.
“Then, honey, you haven’t been doing it right,” said Leandros predictably, careful not to show his delight that his little ploy had worked, and they were now talking about sex — and, by Crystal’s reaction, well on their way to doing more than merely talking about it.
He took another chocolate from the box, holding it to Crystal’s lips. “Do you want me to feed you?” he smiled, careful to keep the mocking light out of his eyes.
Crystal glanced up at him. “You spoil me,” she breathed.
“No way, Crystal, honey.” Leandros was amused, and felt just a tiny bit contrite, because Crystal was so utterly guileless, and seemed to delude herself that she could decide not to stay. Leandros knew she wouldn’t be able to walk away from him, not now. He judged the moment right to stretch out his arm along the back cushions of the sofa, and gently play with her soft, blonde hair.
Idly, he asked, “Tell me, are you a natural blonde?”
When she quickly nodded, whispering, “Yes,” he smiled carelessly.
“Prove it.” He was amused to see her eyes open wide, her lips parting in surprise. Calmly, he reached over, pulling her gently towards him. “I meant that I wanted to see whether you taste like a natural blonde,” he explained.
Totally confused now, Crystal could only breathe, “Oh…”
Leandros moved towards her with consummate skill and delicacy. The hand, which had been lying just behind her on the sofa back, was now caressing her nape. Slowly and gently he pulled her closer, until her mouth was just beneath his.
“Shall I give you a little kiss, Crystal, honey?” he said softly, amused to see the apprehension in her huge, blue eyes give way to confusion and, at last, to acquiescence. Pleased to find his waiting game paying off, he brought his mouth a little closer to hers, halting at the last moment, whispering almost inaudibly “Only if you want me to kiss you, Crystal.”
Again, he waited, but Crystal remained where she was, whispering, ”Leandro…” At last, his mouth found hers in a barely-there kiss. She felt his lips explore hers, leave a little kiss at the corner of her mouth, the tip of his tongue beginning to part her lips very gently, very slowly. She was helpless in his arms, willing to experience anything and everything this most exceptional man would want to do to her. Once her lips were parted, he let his tongue mate very slowly with hers, licking the velvety inside of her mouth, playing again with her tongue, still so very gently. His tongue left her mouth, and she felt him lick her lower lip, outlining it with utmost delicacy, as he whispered, “Ah, honey, you taste so good, so blonde…” She felt his mouth on her throat, his tongue tasting, exploring, licking and laving.
“Honey,” he moaned. “I love the taste of your skin… I long to kiss you all over. But you aren’t kissing me back. Perhaps I don’t taste as good to you as you do to me?” He waited, seemingly languid, for her response.
Crystal didn’t disappoint him. “Oh, Leandro. Of course I loved the taste of your tongue on mine, how could it be otherwise? Aren’t those things usually mutual?”
“Indeed they are, honey. Come lie in my arms, and let me taste you all over, hmmm?” With a quick movement, he turned her so that she lay supine in his arms, legs stretching elegantly along the sofa. The change in position had caused her dress to ride up a bit, exposing half her slender, toned thighs to his enchanted gaze. Slowly, Leandros moved his left hand to her knees, beginning a slow caress of her thighs, at first, close to her knees, moving unhurriedly farther up, until he came to the hem of her skirt. His skilful fingers gently caressed her thighs just inside her skirt, but not so close to the apex that she could feel anxiety. He let his hand stray back to her knees again, slowly, going a little higher under the edge of her skirt every time he returned there.
Bemused, Crystal found herself inexorably seduced by this incredibly handsome man, who seemed to be content with caressing her skin… and slow, gentle kisses. Ah, but she wanted to caress his skin, too. Slowly she began to undo his shirt buttons.
Leandros was delighted, but not surprised, when he felt Crystal’s fingers on the buttons of his shirt. He felt her undo one and slip her fingers inside the opening, slowly caressing his chest, not quite reaching his nipples.
He decided to help her out a little. “Shall I take off my tie, and open that hard-to-undo button at the top?”
“Yes, please, Leandro,” Crystal sighed against his mouth, and this nearly proved to be his undoing, but with an iron will he held himself in check. He would play with her until she asked him to make love to her. This would be her idea, not his. He took his hand from her thigh, removing his tie, opening the top few buttons of his shirt.
“There,” he said softly. “Better?” His hand strayed again to her thighs, this time he let his thumb make little circles high on her inner thighs, causing her to sigh with pleasure.
Crystal was deeply aware of Leandros’s caresses, but at the same time she was intent on unbuttoning his shirt as far as she could, wanting to feel his chest under her fingers, play with the black, curling body hair that swirled around his nipples, and led along the edge of his pectorals to the centre of his chest, a narrow line arrowing down all the way to his trousers and, undoubtedly, lower.
When Leandros took his mouth from hers for a moment, to kiss her temple, her hair, Crystal took the opportunity to lick his chest, teasing his nipples to life, laving and kissing them. “Oh, Leandro,” she moaned. Very pleased with the way things were progressing, he bent his dark head to the V of her neckline, kissing her cleavage, and moving her dress aside very carefully, enabling him to kiss the swell of her breasts.
“Crystal,” he sighed. Very gradually, he moved the shoelace straps off her shoulders, slowly baring her breasts to his eyes. “Crystal, honey, I love your beautiful breasts,” he groaned, bending farther down, licking and kissing, finally finding first one nipple, then the other, leisurely beginning to suck. His left hand strayed down to her thighs again, and this time he ventured a little higher, until he felt the silky resistance of her thong, which he easily evaded, finally touching the core of her, which he found drenched. This was, of course, encouraging, but he felt it wasn’t enough. No. She had to ask him.
Quietly, he murmured, “Crystal honey, you’re so wet. Is that for me? Tell me what you want.” She began to writhe and twist in his arms. Leandros found it very, very difficult not to respond in kind. To his own surprise, he had begun to want this soft, gentle, pliable woman very much. By now, the top of her dress was off; her skirt barely covered the apex of her thighs. Leandros wondered how much longer he could content himself with kissing her mouth and breasts, fondling her core, his thumb on the pearly clitoris. “Crystal, honey, tell me what you want…” he urged again.
“Oh… Leandro… I think I want the same thing you do,” she whispered almost inaudibly.
“You’re sure?” he felt in honour bound to ask, just once.
“Yes, I’m sure…” she whispered again.
Delighted, he rose with her in his arms, carrying her to his bedroom. He was pleased to see that the hotel staff had turned the bed down. When he stood her on her feet, his arms holding her tightly to him, Leandros removed the sundress completely, stripping it off, letting it fall at her feet. He lifted Crystal easily in one strong arm, picking up the dress from the carpet, and draping it over a chair. “Unless you’re hiding another dress in that tiny handbag of yours, I thought I’d better make sure your dress doesn’t spend the night in crinkles on the floor.”
“Leandro…” she moaned, adding politely, “Thank you…”
As he had expected, she wore no bra under the sundress. He looked with pleasure at the beautiful woman in his arms, lightly tanned all over. She must sunbathe nude, he thought. With one swift, easy movement, he had her thong off. Ah. She really is a natural blonde…
Gently, he whispered, “Your turn.” She looked at him uncomprehendingly.
As she asked, “My turn?” she suddenly understood, and smiled at him. “You want me to take your clothes off?”
He returned her smile. “Only if you want to.” It pleased him obscurely that she was clearly not used to undressing men, and he decided to help her by quickly removing his cufflinks, unbuckling his belt and undoing the fastening at the top of his trousers. He quickly toed off his Gucci loafers, ripping off his thin dark socks. “Is that enough help for you?” he teased.
“I think so…” she said seriously, beginning to strip his shirt off his wide shoulders, down his arms.
“You’ve got the most gorgeous tan,” she breathed, taking some time to caress his chest, his ribcage. At least she’s moving in the right direction…
The zipper of his fly seemed to cause her shaking hands some difficulty, and he hastened to help her. He quickly stepped out of his trousers, throwing them on a nearby chair. Leandros waited to see what she would do, Crystal’s hands shaking even more, now that they rested on the thin elastic band of his silk string bikini. When she felt the size and hardness of his erection against her fingers, she whispered an awed “Oh…” and tried to take off his bikini without getting it caught on his huge, hard length. At last, she succeeded in moving it down his thighs, and he hastened to remove it completely.
Crystal seemed quite unable to move, so he decided to help her a little. Wrapping one arm around her body, he hooked his other arm under her knees, depositing her gently against the pillows of the huge bed. He wondered about climbing over her, losing his balance in the process, landing on top of her, but decided against it. He hurried to the other side of the bed, quickly sliding in.
Turning toward her, he held out his arms. Shyly moving towards him, she slipped into his embrace.
“Crystal, honey, you feel so good…” he moaned against her mouth. Leandros could not hold back any longer, slanting his mouth over hers in a most passionate kiss, his tongue delving deep to find the sweetness he craved, one hand straying to her breasts, cupping one, his thumb caressing the nipple, which seemed to grow even harder under his touch.
“Do you want me?”
“Oh, Leandro, yes, I do,” she whispered against his mouth. He tightened his hold, and began to kiss her throat, the little hollow between the delicate collarbones, her shoulders, her breasts… Ah, yes, her breasts…. He found her fragile ribcage, bestowing passionate kisses on its graceful curves.
“Leandro… is this an erogenous zone?” Crystal asked on a whisper.
“Honey, with the right person, the whole body is an erogenous zone… and if it isn’t the right person, what do erogenous zones matter, because there’s nothing really going on.”
He felt her nod against his throat, where she was showering him with little kisses before returning to his mouth, which she licked, blew on, then laved some more before returning to kissing him passionately.
“Please, Leandro, please?” she implored.
He couldn’t have waited much longer. It had been some time since he had been with a woman, but that couldn’t be the reason, he thought. The day before he had been at a cocktail party, and several attractive women came on to him explicitly, but he hadn’t responded. No, his libido couldn’t be the only reason he wanted Crystal.
With an effortless movement, he pulled her beneath him, spreading her thighs so he could kneel there.
“Crystal, honey… I want you so,” he sighed. He felt her hands on his waist, his hipbones, then, she whispered again, “Please, Leandro, now?” Although he had meant to enter her slowly, letting her get accustomed to his size, stretching to take him, then clenching around him again, he couldn’t wait any more, plunging deep into her, as he had yearned to do ever since they had come back to the suite.
He heard her breathless gasp, and stilled. “Did I hurt you, honey? I’m so very sorry… I didn’t realize, you’re so small and tight…”
Her soft voice was balm to his remorseful feelings. “No, Leandro, darling, you didn’t hurt me — it was the shock of there being so much of you, so suddenly. But you didn’t hurt me, I promise.”
He gazed into her eyes, making sure she meant it. He thought it had to be quite some time since she’d been with a man, and she’d probably had very few lovers. Crystal was so small and tight, and seemed so inexperienced. At last, he began to move, slowly, to accustom her to feeling him inside her, filling and stretching her fully. He found a rhythm for them, and smiled when he heard her ecstatic sighs. He hoped he wouldn’t have to wait too long for Crystal to join him in the overwhelming orgasm he felt coming on, because he wasn’t all that sure how long he could hold back to give her all of him.
Moments later, Leandros felt the first stirrings of contractions deep within her. He thrust faster, deeper, until he felt her intimate muscles grip his penis tightly, releasing and clenching again. He tried to hold still to give her everything he could, but the orgasm was too strong. Moaning, “Crystal,” he spilled into her as he came and came. Finally he stilled, remaining where he was because he felt little contractions still hit her, and he wanted her to have everything he could give her.
At last, they both stilled. He made an effort to lift himself away and slip out of her, but Crystal wouldn’t have it. “Please stay, Leandro?” she begged, twining her elegant legs around his, to keep him there. “I love to feel you inside me. Don’t you like being in me?”
“Honey, of course I want to stay in you. You feel so very good to me. But I thought I was squashing you under my weight. And I was concerned I was making you sore by staying where I was. Are you sure I didn’t hurt you?”
“Certain-sure,” Crystal smiled. She hugged herself more tightly to him, whispering soft words of endearment, almost unaware, it seemed to him.
To his surprise, he felt himself growing back into her, filling and stretching her again. While it was nothing unusual for him to make love several times, this was a rather faster turnaround than he had ever experienced. He began to wonder, idly, whether this woman did something very exceptional to him. But what? He’d never been in love, just in lust. Why was it different with Crystal?
He whispered, “Will you have me again?” smiling when he saw the astonished surprise in her eyes. He saw the moment she realized he had grown back into her, and was most certainly ready to make love to her again. Her delighted smile amused him gently.
“Darling Leandro, I’d love for you to make love to me again,” she whispered.

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