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Alyssa St. James enters Blackwood Castle in a thunderstorm as The Tudor Falcon swoops above her head and she meets Dark Castle Lord, Derek Hayden.

Will they find love in a castle haunted by King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn or will The Tudor Falcon reign forever?


Alyssa St. James had known upon her arrival at Blackwood Castle that a thunderstorm would be awaiting her. She was almost always right in her premonitions.


The cab driver reduced his speed as the rain poured down upon the road. The taxi swung around the curve with a screech of the brakes and skidded on the wet tarmac.


“How far are we from the castle?” she asked the cab driver.


“Less than five minutes down this deserted road,” he answered.


Deserted road was right. Looking through the cab window, Alyssa could see nothing. The storm had darkened the sky and the only illumination she could see was from the lightning and the car headlights. The trees and hills were endless.


“Are you sure you want to go to Blackwood Castle?” he asked in a worried tone. “It’s haunted by The Tudor Falcon.”


“Yes!” Alyssa answered with more conviction than she felt. She wrapped her arms tightly around herself. She tried to focus on what she came here for and subdue all the unwanted memories churning through her.