Have dinner and a movie with me Jilly?” Dylan asked.

Jilly tried to pull her hand free. “You’ve got to be kidding. We argue about everything.

“Not true.” Dylan argued as he gave her a wink. “We both like to field trial. It’s only when it comes to hunting that we butt heads. You can’t save them all honey.

Jilly yanked her hand away and turned toward the woods. “I’m not trying to save them all, just a select few.” She thought of Shenoa and her cub, what chance did she have of saving the small family. Animals were killed everyday. Dylan was right she couldn’t save them, but she’d fight to her last breath for those she loved.

Dylan moved to stand behind her. “Come on Jilly; give me a chance to prove I’m not the poacher you think I am.

Jilly sighed, tired of fighting for everything and everyone, tired of being alone. Sable lived with her but she seldom left her bedroom. It might be nice to have a conversation with someone else and Dylan was right they did share a lot of the same interests.

“Okay dinner and a movie. I have to work at the bait shop until seven. I’ll meet you at my place after I close.” She climbed onto the bench seat of her truck the slamming of the door echoed in the now quiet back road.

“Great, I’ll see you then.” Dylan looked to make sure her back was turned before fisting his hand and bringing his knee up “yes!” he mouthed while doing a little victory dance.

Jimmy watched the whole thing from the tailgate of his pick up and smiled before lifting another chip to his mouth

“Later Jilly’ He waved as she pulled away.

Jilly winked as she threw a treat out the window which Jimmy caught one handed.
“See that the old girl gets that will ya?”

Jimmy laughed and saluted her with his pop can. “You’re a trial Jilly. You’ll drive him nuts.” He said to himself as she was already flying down the road with the dust trailing behind her. He tipped the can to his mouth and swallowed the last drops of the cola. All was good; Dylan needed someone special in his life and he’d always had feelings for Jilly. Things were about to get very interesting. He dusted the crumbs from his Levis and jumped off the tailgate of the old pick-up and rubbed his hands together. Let the fireworks begin.

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