The day starts out by Pam and I getting lost on the way to Bill Freda’s house. I had never been there and Pam sorta remembers…Operative word SORTA. But we eventally get there and cook up a few snacks to share with Bill. Ladies, Bill Freda is a rising star in the TV industry and established star in the Romance industry. (He had some ripe banana’s in the kitchen and I seriously considered eating one just so that I could say I ate Bill’s banana, but I will be contect with saying that he ate my eggs*snicker*)

After a late lunch, Pam and I decided to head off to the city of New York. As We sped along the New Jersey Turnpike laughing at the traffic congestion on the other side only to be dismayed as we were caught in the congestion of the people waiting for the Lincoln Tunnel. *sigh*.

We make it through the Tunnel and try and follow our hastily scribbled directions. We were to make a turn on W 32nd st, but Pam turned too early and we wound up on 10th street. After driving aimlessly looking for our street we decide to reverse our driving and start over by the Lincoln Tunnel…that isn’t as easy as it seems, as the parallel streets going in the other direction don’t always empty out onto another street our luck was that it ended in a dead end usually in a mean looking alley. But eventually we did make it back to the tunnel and tried following the directions. Well we messed up again! I am no use since I know NOTHING about Manhattan except that the Indians sold it to us at a bargain price and that my husband promised the Dark Lords they could do anything with me so long as they kept me and my Credit Cards off of 5th Avenue…but I digress. Well Pam hit on the idea that we should park the car and get a cab. Seemed like a plan, we ditched the car in a parking garage near Broadway and flagged a cab.

The end of our trek was scribbled at the bottom of a piece of notepaper, (I have to take ownership of this one) we managed to find a cabbie finishing his Hallal goat dinner next to a cart (I really wanted a dirty water dog, just the goat was there) we told him we wanted to go to the corner of 49th and 39th street. No there is no such corner! But Pam remembered that the oriental bath spa was next to a Ramada and to our relief the cabbie knew of a Ramada on 49th and took us there…Our relief was short lived and Pam’s memory was faulty…there was no Oriental Bath spa next to the Ramada.–just a coffee shop. Pam says we need to get on the internet and find the spa–She remembers the name I say we call information…I turn the paper over to write the address but what do I find but the address for the Spadium 49 W 39th St. *shaking head* We go back to the taxi plan and give the man the address for the Spadium and finally we arrive. IT WAS NEXT TO A RADISSON!!!

The excitement is not over yet! We go into the spa and the only other customers seemed to be women who had no inclination to date men. I guess they thought we were of the same persuasion ‘cause they sure checked us out. Finally prepped and scrubbed, hair washed, face finished off with cucumber cream we dressed and left the spa.

We score a taxi but not before some dude thinks we need a date (we did manage to blow him off). The cabbie however can’t take us to the garage but lets us off on the street, but as you might have guessed we walked the wrong way…We did manage to turn back find our car and bail the sucker out of the garage(25bucks) Then we needed to find our way back to New Jersey.

Simple right? Nooooooo you would not be a good candidate for the psychic detectives if you thought our return trip was also fraught with peril. Anybody could see this coming! Well since we came one way on a one way street we figure just get on the street going in the other direction…Yep we found another blind alley and got turned around and went through the financial district. Somehow we wound up by the former site of the twin towers. Yes we are on the other side of the island. Pam is starting to worry about our gas situation. There aren’t that many gas stations in Manhattan! Pam suggests I get into the vacant cab next to us and have him take us to a gas station…I suggest we ask the nice policemen on our left…The dolt snarls “I dunno” but later his partner must have told him there was one ahead. He flashes that we should follow him, so we did. And we stayed behind him as we passed a station we could not get to because of traffic. I lean over and check the gauge “Pam we have a whole 1/4 tank it will wait until we get to New Jersey!”

We are by the water so I suggest we stay in sight of the water and we will eventually get to the tunnel. Which anticlimatically we did and made our way back to our hotel in New Jersey. Only to get lost once more on the next night trying to head to a party in Queens but that is a story for another day…

Don’t be afraid of the dark. EMBRACE it!

The Dark Castle Lords

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