Fall in Love: A Dark Castle Lord Anthology

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Thanksgiving in Hatteras – Kristie Ahlers
Emily Dare reluctantly returns to the outer banks and her past at the request of her Grammy. Is this the beginning of heartbreak or happy forever?

A Time for Thanks – Lynn Hubbard
Sabrina Stafford reflects on all that she is thankful for: her family, friends, and Love.

A Newport Thanksgiving – Rachel Moniz
Socialite Laura Moresby is a passionate suffragette and when her interest in women’s rights causes a minor scandal, she finds A Newport Thanksgiving the perfect solution to her problems.

His Blessing, Her Curse – Mary Alice Pritchard
One had everything but didn’t see it as anything but an annoyance. One had nothing and believed she was cursed.Together they show each other what they already have and what they can offer each other, love and acceptance.

Moment of Bliss – Alena Stuart
When their mutual attraction is revealed, Aidan Spencer and Kendra Lawson have little patience for a drawn-out seduction. But will their red-hot affair lead to more than just a moment of bliss?

The Hunter – Anna Volk
Cassandra and Michael are in love and cannot wait to announce their engagement. But before the cougars can share the news, Michael’s brother Justin claims Cassandra as his mate and threatens Michael’s life.

A Thanksgiving Picnic – Kate Hofman
A civil engineer, an advertising executive and a Mafioso are on their way back to Florida. Flying over the Everglades, their plane suddenly runs out of fuel. Will any of them survive to celebrate another Thanksgiving?

A Little Bit of Love Anthology

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A Little Bit of Love

Cupid Made Her Do It–It will take a freak accident and brewing snow storm for romance-cynic, Tessa, to open up her heart. But when she does, her fall from skepticism will be oh-so satisfying.

My Purrfectly Dependable Valentine—Denise wants to be wanted for herself and not just because the mating heat demands it. When Gray discovers that Denise is his mate, he doesn’t understand her reluctance to accept him. When he remembers how he treated her back in high school, it all becomes clear. He’s going to have to prove that there’s more to his love than just the mating heat for her to accept him.

The Great North Woods Cupid—Workaholic Kayla Bedford escapes to the tiny town of Pittsburg, NH swearing off men after a bad breakup. But once she meets Boston cop Evan Fitzpatrick, she knows she wants only him to be her Valentine.

Be My Valentine—Valerie is hesitant to “fill in” as a Valentine’s Day blind date even if it does help out her best friend whose mother is trying to break up her engagement. Will the guy be agreeable to the substitution or will he be majorly upset with the switch?

New Beginning Anthology

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A New Beginning by Kate Hofman, Kristi Ahlers, Mary Alice Pritchard – Romance>Anthology/Bundle

Starting Over by Kate Hofman
After her fiancé breaks up with her for another woman, Julia Wentworth moves to a new town for a fresh start. A nice quiet suburb, a good looking and friendly new neighbor…what more could a girl ask for?

Forever by Kristi Ahlers
Victoria Stanton has traveled to England in search of a husband thanks to her mother’s insistence. What she isn’t expecting to find is a deep and abiding love. She marries her true love and starts a new life in England. Soon however, war sweeps the continent and Victoria says goodbye to her husband as he fights for King and Country but can a love like theirs survive the horrors of war?

Her Perfect Mate by Mary Alice Pritchard
Olivia fell in love as a teenager, but her father had plans for her that would improve his hold as Alpha. Simon knew that Olivia was his true mate after he’d been sent away but it was too late, Olivia had already been mated as had been her father’s plan. Now that she’s free again, maybe they will get a second chance.