Zoey’s First Adventure

Zoey’s First Adventure

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Zoey has always been a lazy dog. Her greatest adventure had been deciding if she’ll stretch out on the couch or curl up in the recliner. But now her family needs her. Will she be able to meet the challenges put before her or will she run scared back to the sanctuary of her home?

Author’s Note
I really hope you enjoy Zoey’s story. Yes she’s real, as are Aaron and Kailey. Kailey is my niece and as a young girl she asked me to write a book that she could read. She is now a beautiful young adult attending college. I dedicate this book to her and my son Aaron whom have grown up and are both achieving their dreams. I’m so proud of you both.

A Marriage of Convenience by Kate Hofman

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Book Blurb:

Chad Harwood is a famous writer with a dedicated amanuensis, Cara St. James, an intelligent woman who is an excellent foil for Chad’s authorial brainstorming. They share an unspoken mutual depth of feeling, but neither will admit that to Self, much less to Other. Cara cohabits with little emotion with an arrogant high-flying financier, Reese, who at best is shallow; at his worst he is psychologically abusive and pathologically controlling and unfaithful.

Chad knows Cara could do better-much better-but out of respect and due to his own integrity of character he never pushes the issue, until she determines on her own to leave Reese and Reese’s lying nonsense. Chad makes an extra suite in his huge apartment available to her, and the work situation continues with growing emotional depth.

American Lovers by Kate Hofman

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Dark Lover

Jared, a famous Broadway playwright, meets Lucinda, a writer, and sparks fly. At his request, she moves in with him, and they are blissfully happy. When he proposes, she wants to accept, but women from his past pursue Jared, making problems for Lucinda. Then Jared’s dark side emerges when she becomes pregnant. Will they be able to find a way out of their difficulties?

A Hidden Agenda

Benedict Alessandrini, a prominent psychiatrist, suffers from the old adage of “Physician, heal thyself” when his own wife is brutally attacked by a deranged stalker and suffers from amnesia. Benedict’s mother insists the attacker was an obsessed lover, but Lily can’t believe she would be unfaithful to her husband. Slowly, she begins to regain her memory. Benedict and Lily’s love is finally remembered and she learns she is carrying his child. With the arrival of her mother-in-law’s girlhood friend, the newcomer decides her own daughter is a better choice for Benedict. With his mother’s blessing, she begins her psychological assault on Lily. Will Lily be able to save her marriage,–and the life of her unborn child?

Amadeo’s Love Affair by Kate Hofman

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Book Blurb

Amadeo, Conte di Sant’Angelo, has met Heidelinde Müller, an advertising designer, on a ski trip. He wants to know this fascinating woman better. Their friendship grows, despite interference from their mothers and persistent old flames.

When a trip to his villa ends badly, he whisks her to the warm sands of Ocean Breeze, Florida.

Pushed to the limit, they enter a sham engagement.

Can he persuade her that he wants the engagement to be ‘real’? Will they be able to overcome the obstacles that are being thrown in their path to happiness?

New Beginning Anthology

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A New Beginning by Kate Hofman, Kristi Ahlers, Mary Alice Pritchard – Romance>Anthology/Bundle

Starting Over by Kate Hofman
After her fiancé breaks up with her for another woman, Julia Wentworth moves to a new town for a fresh start. A nice quiet suburb, a good looking and friendly new neighbor…what more could a girl ask for?

Forever by Kristi Ahlers
Victoria Stanton has traveled to England in search of a husband thanks to her mother’s insistence. What she isn’t expecting to find is a deep and abiding love. She marries her true love and starts a new life in England. Soon however, war sweeps the continent and Victoria says goodbye to her husband as he fights for King and Country but can a love like theirs survive the horrors of war?

Her Perfect Mate by Mary Alice Pritchard
Olivia fell in love as a teenager, but her father had plans for her that would improve his hold as Alpha. Simon knew that Olivia was his true mate after he’d been sent away but it was too late, Olivia had already been mated as had been her father’s plan. Now that she’s free again, maybe they will get a second chance.