Protecting His Alien Mate (Alien Love Book 1)

Protecting His Alien Mate (Alien Love Book 1)


Damian Shepard is no ordinary prison guard. He’s a Solarian, an alien race that sought refuge on Earth over a century ago. They live peacefully and anonymously among humanity and prefer to live in the towns they have founded. Because they live longer and are stronger than humans, they’ve created their own system of justice designed specifically to punish members of their race who have committed crimes.

Shunned by his family for being gay, all Fletcher Voglar wants is a happily-ever-after with a sexy man who loves him. But when he is wrongfully sent to prison by a corrupt official, Fletcher gives up his dreams of having a life filled with love and happiness. One day Damian stumbles upon Fletcher during a routine check of the prisoners where he works. Instantly he knows that the frail yet beautiful human is his destined mate. Finding a mate is one thing but when that perfect man turns out to be an inmate at the prison where he works, Damian’s world is turned upside down.

But when the opportunity arises to get his mate out of there, Damian jumps at it. The crooked Solarians who threw Fletcher in prison are now after Damian too, and they won’t stop until they’re both dead. Can Damian win Fletcher’s heart and clear their names or will their enemies kill them before Damian gets a chance?

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Chloe and the Beast by Kristi Ahlers

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Book Blurb:

Lucian Devon, Duke of Spencer, once a celebrated rogue and legendary lover, finds himself hiding at his country estate shamed and angry. His life of resplendence and social prominence is gone. He is now pitied and that is something he can’t stand. Lucian is now blind, and without his sight, he feels he’s no better than a beast in the wild. So with this thought in mind, he does his level best to keep the well intended friends and those looking for the latest juicy bit of gossip at arm’s length. Thinking he’s been successful, he settles down to feel sorry for himself and live as he pleases. And then his past catches up with him in the most unexpected of ways.


Lady Chloé Rosdale has heard the whispered comments of the mighty Duke of Spencer and how the once handsome rogue now acts more like a beast than man. Once they were childhood friends until they both went their separate ways, but Lucian took Chloé’s heart with him. She goes to Lucian with the hopes of helping him. She’s shocked but not terribly surprised by how he behaves. Figuring it’s up to her to bring him back to the life of the living and showing him he’s more than his eyes, these two spend a great deal of time together. Could it be that love is indeed blind and that from tragedy comes the gift of everlasting love?



“Ah, fancy face, you’ve arrived.”

The tone of voice was mocking and she flinched trying her best not allow his words to wound her. Lucian had never treated her with contempt before and to be on the receiving end of his barbed tongue regardless of the reason behind the words hurt.

“I confess it has been a very long while since I’ve had my back scrubbed.”

Swallowing the knot of apprehension choking her, Chloé moved to the screen the only thing separating her from Lucian.

“Are you going to stand there like a mouse all day or do you plan on coming over here before the water cools?”

“How do you know I’m not there now?” she asked as she stepped around the barrier.

“Because, fancy face, I couldn’t hear you breathing. And your voice is not near my ear.”

She acknowledged this with a nod before realizing he couldn’t see her. Since she’d slammed her eyes tightly shut as she came around the corner she didn’t know where he was and the desire to turn and bolt like a rabbit was nigh overwhelming.

The sound of water splashing caused her to open her eyes in time to see Lucian sink into the depths of the bath. The brief glimpse she had of strong looking legs and a well shaped rear end however was seared into her memory. Chloé eagerly traced the lines of his back up to his broad shoulders covered by his long dark hair. Carefully she moved to the front of the tub. Her breath caught in her throat.

Lucian was beautiful.

Water lapped against his wide and very masculine chest. She imagined running her hands up and down the sinewy strength and reveling in the satin touch of his skin against hers.

“I grow impatient, Chloé.” He braced his hands on the side of the tub and made to stand.

“Don’t. I’m…I’m coming.”